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call correct method

fetch() is a static method, not a global function
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commit eec24aac083d98efcc3feead943cf3b73f99cafc 1 parent 0838b73
Philip Hofstetter pilif authored
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  1. +2 −2 airbrake.notifier.php
4 airbrake.notifier.php
@@ -162,9 +162,9 @@ public function createNoticeXml($message, $cls, array $backtrace = array(), arra
$var->addAttribute('key', self::escape($key));
// Airbrake overrides "controller" attributes with the component...
- $request->addChild('component', fetch($_REQUEST, 'controller', $component));
+ $request->addChild('component', self::fetch($_REQUEST, 'controller', $component));
// Allow users to specify actions via the $_REQUEST
- $request->addChild('action', fetch($_REQUEST, 'action', $action));
+ $request->addChild('action', self::fetch($_REQUEST, 'action', $action));
} else {
$request->addChild('component', $component);
$request->addChild('action', $action);
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