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A Clojure library providing various components (Stuart Sierra's library) for interacting with Kafka using the Jackdaw library.
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rp-jackdaw-clj Clojars Project

A Clojure library providing various components (using Stuart Sierra's Component library) for interacting with Kafka using the Jackdaw library.

The components include:

  • a stream processor
  • a "subscriber" (a simple example of a stream processor that can be used like a consumer, but built on top of the Streams API instead of the lower-level Consumer API)
  • a producer
  • a topic registry (a dependency of the other components; a topic registry wraps a map of topic metadata and optional serde resolver config (schema registry url and type registry))
  • mock processor, producer and registry components for use in tests

Some misc utilities are also included:

  • a user namespace includes some functions intended for use in the REPL for:
    • listing topics
    • creating topics
    • producing to a topic
    • consuming from a topic
  • a schema namespace includes a function to fetch a specific version of an Avro schema from a Confluent Schema Registry
  • a state-store namespace includes some functions for dealing with state stores (only useful if you're using the lower-level Processor API)
  • a streams-extras namespace includes a few odds and ends that I couldn't find in jackdaw that may be useful inside a topology builder


This library is still evolving and subject to breaking changes. Use at your own risk.


Refer to the comment blocks at the end of some of the source files for some REPL-friendly examples:

Refer to the integration test for an example of how to test a topology builder using the mock components.

Testing recommendations

For a processor, we recommend testing the topology via mocks as shown in the integration test. The mock components used in that test don't require access to a running Kafka cluster.

For a subscriber, we recommend unit testing the callback function itself (which has no dependence on Kafka).

You may also want to create an end-to-end system test that uses non-mock components and connects to an actual Kafka cluster. It's hard to make a specific recommendation for that since that are many ways you might run your test cluster. However to setup and teardown topics you may find the topic-related functions in the user namespace helpful. You may also need to remove state store directories; there's a cleanup! function in the processor namespace for that.

If you're using a shared cluster for testing, you'll probably want to make sure that your topic names and values are unique for each test run. One approach would be to generate some unique string (such as a timestamp or a random UUID) and prepend or append it to each name in your system config map before starting the system. In your teardown you could use the re-delete-topics! function to delete all topics containing that unique value. That will ensure that all topics (even internal topics created as changelogs for state stores, which are named based on the are deleted.


Copyright © 2019 RentPath, LLC

Distributed under the MIT License.

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