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Crypto Fixes for Static Analyzer warnings.
English.lproj initial import
OAuthConsumer.xcodeproj [DEV] Remove *.mode1v3.
.gitignore Update .gitignore
Info.plist patched for non-GC environments
NSMutableURLRequest+Parameters.h Fix for revision #29
NSMutableURLRequest+Parameters.m Fixes for Static Analyzer warnings.
NSMutableURLRequest+ParametersTest.m initial import
NSString+URLEncoding.h Fix:
NSString+URLEncodingTest.h Fix:
NSString+URLEncodingTest.m Fix:
NSURL+Base.h Fix for revision #29
NSURL+Base.m Fix:
NSURL+BaseTest.h initial import
NSURL+BaseTest.m initial import
OAAsynchronousDataFetcher.h [DEV] s/NSURLResponse/NSHTTPURLResponse/g since we faith-based cast f…
OAAsynchronousDataFetcher.m [DEV] s/NSURLResponse/NSHTTPURLResponse/g since we faith-based cast f…
OAConsumer.m Fix:
OAConsumerTest.h initial import
OAConsumerTest.m initial import
OADataFetcher.h Fixes for Static Analyzer warnings.
OADataFetcher.m Fixes for Static Analyzer warnings.
OADataFetcherTest.h initial import
OADataFetcherTest.m initial import
OAHMAC_SHA1SignatureProvider.h Fix for revision #29
OAHMAC_SHA1SignatureProvider.m Fixed issue 139
OAHMAC_SHA1SignatureProviderTest.h initial import
OAHMAC_SHA1SignatureProviderTest.m initial import
OAMutableURLRequest.h [NEW] -[OAMutableURLRequest prepare:(BOOL)regenerateNonce to make it …
OAMutableURLRequest.m [FIX] Extra OAuth params need to be included when generating the sign…
OAMutableURLRequestTest.h Fixed issue 139
OAMutableURLRequestTest.m Fixed issue 139
OAPlaintextSignatureProvider.h Fix for revision #29
OAPlaintextSignatureProvider.m Fix:
OAPlaintextSignatureProviderTest.h initial import
OAPlaintextSignatureProviderTest.m initial import
OARequestParameter.h Fix:
OARequestParameter.m Fix:
OARequestParameterTest.h initial import
OARequestParameterTest.m initial import
OASignatureProviding.h Fix:
OATestServer.rb added stub method for Request Token transaction
OAToken.h Fix:
OATokenTest.h Fix for revision #29
OATokenTest.m Fixed issue 139
OAToken_KeychainExtensions.h [DEV] s/NSURLResponse/NSHTTPURLResponse/g since we faith-based cast f…
OAToken_KeychainExtensions.m [FIX] OAToken_KeychainExtensions: migrate from deprecated +stringWith…
OAuthConsumer.h Fix:
OAuthConsumerTestSuite-Info.plist initial import
OAuthConsumer_Prefix.pch initial import
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