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// NSBezierPath-RoundedRectangle.m
// Based on
// Switched to a function instead of a category class method for use in a plug-in.
#import "NSBezierPath-RoundedRectangle.h"
NSBezierPath* bezierPathWithRoundedRectCornerRadius( NSRect aRect, double cRadius )
double left = aRect.origin.x, bottom = aRect.origin.y, width = aRect.size.width, height = aRect.size.height;
//now, crop the radius so we don't get weird effects
double lesserDim = width < height ? width : height;
if ( cRadius > lesserDim / 2 )
cRadius = lesserDim / 2;
//these points describe the rectangle as start and stop points of the
//arcs making up its corners --points c, e, & g are implicit endpoints of arcs
//and are unnecessary
NSPoint a = NSMakePoint( 0, cRadius ), b = NSMakePoint( 0, height - cRadius ),
d = NSMakePoint( width - cRadius, height ), f = NSMakePoint( width, cRadius ),
h = NSMakePoint( cRadius, 0 );
//these points describe the center points of the corner arcs
NSPoint cA = NSMakePoint( cRadius, height - cRadius ),
cB = NSMakePoint( width - cRadius, height - cRadius ),
cC = NSMakePoint( width - cRadius, cRadius ),
cD = NSMakePoint( cRadius, cRadius );
NSBezierPath *bp = [NSBezierPath bezierPath];
[bp moveToPoint: a ];
[bp lineToPoint: b ];
[bp appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter: cA radius: cRadius startAngle:180 endAngle:90 clockwise: YES];
[bp lineToPoint: d ];
[bp appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter: cB radius: cRadius startAngle:90 endAngle:0 clockwise: YES];
[bp lineToPoint: f ];
[bp appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter: cC radius: cRadius startAngle:0 endAngle:270 clockwise: YES];
[bp lineToPoint: h ];
[bp appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter: cD radius: cRadius startAngle:270 endAngle:180 clockwise: YES];
[bp closePath];
//Transform path to rectangle's origin
NSAffineTransform *transform = [NSAffineTransform transform];
[transform translateXBy: left yBy: bottom];
[bp transformUsingAffineTransform: transform];
return bp; //it's already been autoreleased
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