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Download ClickToFlash 1.4fc1 here.

Currently requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

ClickToFlash is a WebKit plug-in that prevents automatic loading of Adobe Flash content. If you want to see the content, you can opt-in by clicking on it or adding an entire site to the whitelist.

Try control-clicking (or right-clicking) on an unloaded Flash box to access ClickToFlash's contextual menu which allows you to do advanced things like edit its whitelist, specify settings, and load all Flash on the page.

Please report bugs and request features on the Lighthouse ClickToFlash project site.

Want to chip in? Here's what needs to be done.

Version History

  • 1.4fc1 download

    • [NEW] Command to load all flash views -- or just invisible ones -- on a page. This should fix a number of sites that don't at first seem to work with ClickToFlash. (Simone Manganelli)

    • [NEW] "Click To Flash" menu item(s). Installs automatically into Safari and Vienna under their application menus. (Simone Manganelli, Otyr Ugla, Jeff Johnson)

    • [NEW] Explicit YouTube support. Built-in support for directly loading higher-quality H.264 versions of videos (contextual menu item "Load H.264"). (Joey Hagedorn, Otyr Ugla)

    • [NEW] Menu commands: "Load Flash for Frontmost Page", "Load Invisible Flash for Frontmost Page" and "Load Flash for All Pages". (Simone Manganelli)

    • [NEW] Explicit sIFR support: ignore sIFR, always load it or always suppress it. bug 49 (Ian Wessman, Otyr Ugla)

    • [NEW] Edit whitelist in Settings panel. bug 25 (Ben Gottlieb 1, 2. Otyr Ugla 1, 2)

    • [NEW] Old custom installer replaced with a standard .pkg. bug 27 (Alexander Brausewetter)

    • [NEW] Automatic plugin updating via Sparkle. bug 28 (rentzsch)

    • [NEW] Whitelisting now takes into account an object's src URL, which should allow embedded videos from whitelisted sites to play (e.g. YouTube). bug 57 (Ian Wessman)

    • [CHANGE] Badge now renders better on a variety of backgrounds. (Otyr Ugla)

    • [FIX] Fixed bugs identified by clang static analyzer. (Jeff Johnson)

    • [FIX] Fixed leak that caused all CtF views to not be deallocated by using validateMenuItem to update the Add to Whitelist menu item instead of a binding. (Otyr Ugla)

    • [DEV] Fix deprecated use of +stringWithContentsOfFile:. (Chris Parker)

    • [DEV] Clean up build settings. No need to build universal in Debug or link to Carbon. (Jeff Johnson)

    • [DEV] Add build warnings. Fix resulting warnings. Treat warnings as errors. (Jeff Johnson 1, 2)

    • [DEV] Populate CFBundleVersion with ${PRODUCT_VERSION} instead of hard-coding with 700. (Dave Dribin)

  • 1.3 download

    • [NEW] Flash badge is now drawn in code (vector image), and draws smaller in smaller flash boxes. bug 12

    • [NEW] Flash badge rotates counter-clockwise for narrow flash boxes. bug 12

    • [NEW] "Add to whitelist" contextual menu item now lists the url that's to be whitelisted. bug 20 (Kevin A. Mitchell)

    • [NEW] Extend coverage to <object> and <embed> tags that lack type or classid attributes by adding swf to the plugin's WebPluginExtensions Info.plist key. bug 19 (fds)

    • [NEW] Kill badge flicker for whitelisted sites (bug 17) and load all flash boxes when whitelisting one (bug 10).

    • [FIX] Remove -menuForEvent: as it already returns the NSResponder's -menu by default. (Dave Dribin)

    • [FIX] Remove CTFInstaller.m from the bare plugin target. bug 44 (Chris Parker)

    • [DEV] Make Rakefile honor build products directory. bug 43 (Chris Parker)

  • 1.2 download

    • [NEW] Handle <object> and <embed> that are missing a type attribute. That fixes a number of the broken sites. bug #19 (Jason Foreman)

    • [NEW] Activate on mouse-up, instead of mouse-down. Draw as "pressed in" during mouse-down, tracking the mouse like normal button. (Peter Hosey)

    • [NEW] Added a seperator to the context menu.

    • [FIX] Release build-time script that includes the project's entire build directory. (Peter Hosey)

  • 1.1 download

    • [NEW] Tasteful "Flash" icon now drawn on top of the gradient to make it more clear that it's blocked Flash content. (Ricky Romero, Justin Williams)

    • [NEW] Contextual menu and simple whitelist editor. (Dave Dribin)

    • [NEW] Show the Flash box's source as a tooltip. (Jason Foreman)

    • [NEW] Installer can update older versions. (rentzsch)

    • [NEW] Rakefile to compile & upgrade the plugin by running 'rake' in the directory. (Ale Muñoz)

    • [NEW] Localization support. (Eric Czarny)

    • [DEV] Clean-up. Nonatomic properties, remove unused methods, unsigned => NSUInteger. (Jim Correia)

    • [DEV] Change CFBundleIdentifier from to com.github.rentzsch.clicktoflash. (rentzsch)

    • [FIX] Installer now quits when canceling. (rentzsch)

    • [FIX] Removed the container image from the installer. (Eric Czarny)

  • original Google code project deleted. This fork takes on official-ish mantle.

  • 1.0+rentzsch download

    • Forked from original Google code project (Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch)

    • [NEW] Site whitelisting by holding down option key when clicking a flash box. (Gus Mueller)

    • [FIX] Use -[NSEvent modifierFlags] instead of Carbon's GetCurrentKeyModifiers(). (Chris Parker)

    • [DEV] Store white-listed sites in an array instead of composite keys. (Jean-Francois Roy)

  • 1.0 original Google Code release

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