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Signed-off-by: Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch <>
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Simone Manganelli authored and rentzsch committed May 4, 2009
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{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;}
\f0\b\fs20 \cf0 \
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\b0\fs24 \
ClickToFlash is a WebKit plug-in that prevents automatic loading of Adobe Flash content. If you want to see the content, you can opt-in by clicking on it or adding an entire site to its whitelist.\
+\b \cf2 You MUST have Safari 3 or greater in order to run ClickToFlash. ClickToFlash will NOT work on any 1.x or 2.x version of Safari.
+\b0 \cf0 \
Try control-clicking (or right-clicking) on an unloaded Flash box to access ClickToFlash's contextual menu, which allows you to do advanced things like edit its whitelist.\
Please {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt report bugs and request features}} on the {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt Lighthouse ClickToFlash project site}}.\

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