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Commits on Jul 08, 2009
Simone Manganelli added ids so we can use convenient anchors to instructions a5121bb
Simone Manganelli getting rid of some floats because they're annoying me e34b097
Simone Manganelli moved the bulk of the installation problems message to the bottom, wh…
…ile preserving a link at the top where people will still see it
Simone Manganelli used a thesaurus; added a link to the bug reporting site at the top o…
…f the page
Simone Manganelli fixed an annoying off-center positioning issue; yes I know, I'm pedan…
…tic, so sue me
Commits on Jul 11, 2009
@rentzsch First pages commit 06ed9d9
@rentzsch Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// into gh…

Commits on Jul 12, 2009
@rentzsch [DEV] test gh-pages mod. 75aca88
Commits on Jul 18, 2009
Simone Manganelli added steps to make PandoraJam work d7b963c
Simone Manganelli tweaked some wording 2d2ca6c
Simone Manganelli more tweaked wording 3a77289
Simone Manganelli even more tweaked wording 59cb0f2
Simone Manganelli yet even more tweaked wording c1f36c9
Simone Manganelli more tweaked wording, can you tell I'm a perfectionist yet ea147e6
Simone Manganelli updated the last updated date b4dc3e9
Simone Manganelli added a section on updating the whitelist 05d697d
Commits on Jul 19, 2009
Simone Manganelli added the Terminal command for adding to the application whitelist 814b513
@rentzsch Merge commit 'simX/gh-pages' into gh-pages
Simone Manganelli changed wording a bit; moved all CSS to the actual CSS file 7149a5f
Commits on Jul 20, 2009
@rentzsch Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// into gh…
Simone Manganelli more thesaurus usage 8966ba8
Simone Manganelli heehee *snicker* 76e1b1b
Simone Manganelli added website attribution message a2a3d51
Simone Manganelli updated 'last updated' date 83c904b
Simone Manganelli arrrrgh, fixing an itso bf29ce6
Commits on Jul 21, 2009
@rentzsch Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// into gh…
Simone Manganelli added note to make sure people know to click on the version numbers t…
…o download, fixed layout problems with long Terminal command and footer
Simone Manganelli added canonical url link so Google will not list the simx mirror f91205f
Simone Manganelli moved inline CSS to CSS file 124a46a
Simone Manganelli updated last updated date 53b02be
@rentzsch Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// into gh…
Commits on Aug 04, 2009
@rentzsch [DEV] Update link to 1.5b5. 23c6f80
@rentzsch [FIX] Update 1.5b5's file size. 3e1633f
Commits on Aug 23, 2009
Simone Manganelli add all the release notes back again since git deleted the last commi…
…t for some reason, goddamn git
Commits on Aug 27, 2009
@rentzsch [DEV] Update link to 1.5fc1. 4d62071
Commits on Aug 28, 2009
@rentzsch [DEV] Update link to 1.5fc2. 9717c38
Simone Manganelli add another note about another installation problem bf78e21
Simone Manganelli updated last updated date 39fc096
Simone Manganelli modify the wording of the new Terminal incantation a bit 1907dcf
Commits on Sep 03, 2009
@rentzsch Add named anchors to section headers. 5c9b09f
@ssp ssp Unique methods for supplying YouTube URL Strings.
So these can be in a single place and the code using them becomes simpler.
@ssp ssp Dark background for video element.
‘wide’ aspect ratio films would show the white background between the video element controller and the film. I find it less irritating to have a dark background as that removes the perceived ‘gap’ between the controller and the film.

Would it make sense to try and adjust the video element’s size to perfectly match the film’s to remove the gap completely?
@ssp ssp Add YouTube and Download links to film display.
Once a CtF view is clicked one loses the ability to visit the film’s YouTube page or to download its video file as was provided by the menu in the CtF view before. To restore that ability, links for that are provided beneath the film.

This should probably be tested on sites with exotic layouts to see how well it works. The idea is to not pick up extra spacing from the site’s CSS but respect the site’s font and link styling.
Commits on Sep 04, 2009
@ssp ssp Add German Preference panel and other localised xibs.
This Preference Panel is redesigned. 
It leaves out the YouTube HD setting (why not just default to YES?).
It offers to quit the application after removing CtF. 

(Unfortunately it seems really hard to figure out the actual path of our bundle, so one could help the user more in case installation fails and/or locate it more reliably.)
@ssp ssp Add Localizable.strings in English and de.
Update some of the related code.
@ssp ssp Small localisation updates. 7ac7956
@ssp ssp Load localised strings from our own bundle. 79d4e07
@ssp ssp Remove reference of H.264 from strings files. 83fbd16
@ssp ssp Convert English Pref panel to match the de one. 2451e0e
@ssp ssp Small cleanups. 1dd4b48
@ssp ssp Merge commit 'rentzsch/master' into killh264 fd5031c
@ssp ssp Merge commit 'rentzsch/master' d65eb1c
@rentzsch Add Paypal donatation button to offset monthly S3 changes. d3e6203
@rentzsch Fix section headers to they don't look like links. f4dacad
@ssp ssp Add an about box.
With the required menu item, text etc.

If rentzsch manages to construct a <a href>-able donation URL out of the PayPal stuff he built, there’s <a href> waiting to take it in Credits.html. Be sure to figure out how to show localised versions when doing so and give my hate to PayPal’s documentation while doing so.
Commits on Sep 05, 2009
@norm norm Make the name the first page header. 2c65001
@norm norm Make the section_header items into actual headers. 1d7ea6e
Commits on Sep 06, 2009
@ssp ssp French localisation by Ronald Leroux. a3f742b
@ssp ssp add explanatory text field about siFR. 2e3587a
@ssp ssp Object IDs, missing string. d1e5cbf
Commits on Sep 08, 2009
@ssp ssp Further tweaks to French localisation. 3a5a288
@ssp ssp Merge branch 'killh264' 2b14fba
@ssp ssp Merge branch 'aboutbox' dbdd0c1
@ssp ssp Re-do contextual menu in code only.
… rather than using a combination of a nib file and code.

Makes things easier to understand and add to for me.
@ssp ssp Move French localisation to the correct place. 66e5270
@ssp ssp Add contextual menu item to hide Flash.
This should address #173

It's using visibility by default as suggested by rentzsch. Holding the option key gives you the display:none route which I quite like.

This could do with some testing as I didn't run into many annoying Flash ad examples when actively looking for them.
Commits on Sep 09, 2009
@ssp ssp Add localised versions of installer text.
Also attempts to make the text a little shorter and less technical.
Commits on Sep 10, 2009
@ssp ssp Handle the sIFR replacement like YouTube
… using a boolean variable instead of storing the string and centralising the strings to a single place.

This also has the advantage of not crashing because an autoreleased string is stored to a global variable for later usage.
Commits on Sep 13, 2009
@rentzsch Add 1.5. 0b577c6
@rentzsch Add phony 1.5.1 for testing. 82fd6e3
@rentzsch Revert "Add phony 1.5.1 for testing."
This reverts commit 82fd6e3.
@rentzsch update 1.5 file size. d58916d
@rentzsch update update date 2e6be76
@rentzsch clarify 10.6 arch support d56cbce
@rentzsch add appcast_distantfuture.xml. d6267b4
@rentzsch add 1.5.1 461d919
@rentzsch remove 1.5 and 1.5.1 from appcast c9be9fb
@rentzsch add signed distantfuture version 768.1. 171ab0f
@rentzsch push out 1.5.2 cca9547
@rentzsch add 1.5.2 release notes a975700
@rentzsch better 1.5.2 description a75011e
Commits on Sep 14, 2009
@rentzsch fix typo in 1.5.2 release notes, add "need to update manually" warnin…
…g to 1.5.2 release notes
Commits on Sep 15, 2009
@rentzsch delete donation section -- I've made up my current S3 bills 3a7a11a
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.5.3b1. ca9318c
fppzdd This should fix… fad0a55
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.5.3b2. 0e99773
@rentzsch 1.5.3b2 ac0fc66
@rentzsch gah, correct the 1.5.3b2 link c3365dc
Commits on Sep 16, 2009
@ssp ssp Merge commit 'origin/master'
Commits on Sep 17, 2009
@klacoste klacoste Changed the order of the build phases from copy, compile, link to com…
…pile, link, copy.
@klacoste klacoste Moved Sparkle instantiation until after plugin initialization. If the…
… host is white-listed or the plugin is disabled, Sparkle updates won't happen.
@klacoste klacoste Check and use the host version of Sparkle if it exists and it matches…
… our own.
@simX simX merge ssp's extensive changes 8d01590
@simX simX moved some files around, fixed an annoying shell script with Sparkle …
…that kept failing unless you cleaned first, fixed alignment of 'enable' checkbox in new prefs panel, activated static analyzer on ClickToFlash project
@simX simX changed back 'Movie' to 'H.264', because I don't think it conveys tha…
…t a movie is decidedly *non-flash*. I'm open to alternatives to 'H.264' because admittedly it is a bit esoteric, but I don't think 'movie' is it
@simX simX since the latest release of PandoraJam doesn't conflict with ClickToF…
…lash, just suggest upgrading
@simX simX changed references to the beta version of 1.5 to the final version f68de9c
@simX simX fixed the layout so that the beta version number doesn't overlap the …
…other text, and made this (relatively) easy to change in CSS later on, also updated the last updated date
@simX simX added reference to Flashblock, and how we're better than them ;) 94a0e73
@simX simX small wording change 30979ca
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.5.3b3. 3c86f4f
@rentzsch 1.5.3b3 43fe5e9
@simX simX Add meta description. 8293db1
@simX simX Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// int…
…o gh-pages
@simX simX removed the beta only tag for the app whitelist, now that 1.5.x has b…
…een officially released and out of beta
Commits on Sep 18, 2009
@simX simX H.264 loading of embedded videos now works again; re-enabled video ta…
…g support for the correct WebKit versions now that it's fixed in nightlies again; added a preference key to disable video tag support entirely for testing purposes and in case the WebKit version number isn't granular enough
@simX simX bump version number to 1.5.3b4 for testing purposes for H.264 video s…
…tuttering (bugs #310 and #322)
@simX simX really change the version number this time 9464a39
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.5.3b4. b7a6afa
@klacoste klacoste Merge branch 'master' of git:// ea1db41
@klacoste klacoste Changed the plus/minus button sizes in the preferences window to more…
… closely match Apple's example in System Preferences. Added a bit of white space between the buttons and the white-list table. Fixed the table row sizing. The table had it's control size set to small but the row height was still set to regular.
@ssp ssp Remove donation link from About Box.
Also remove the space for it.
@ssp ssp respect existing HD setting again 32c95ee
@ssp ssp an idea towards better HD vs SD handling
Offer the non-default option in the menu when pressing the option key. (still lacks French localisation)
@ssp ssp Merge branch 'master' of git://
Commits on Sep 19, 2009
@ssp ssp don't flatten nibs in development builds
Keeps iLocalise users happy.
@simX simX holding down Command while clicking on a ClickToFlash view now hides …
…the view; Command-Option clicking it removes the view
@simX simX Merge branch 'master' of git:// bde949b
@simX simX Merge branch 'master' of git:// 637e694
@simX simX Merge branch 'master' of git:// 2854504
@simX simX moved the radio buttons 2 pixels to the left in the Preferences panel…
… because Apple's alignment guides obnoxiously make them clearly off-aligned from the checkboxes; also applied this and klacoste's other refinements to the French and German localizations
@simX simX disable YouTube auto-play by default; now requires an 'enableYouTubeA…
…utoPlay' default to work
@simX simX increased the whitelist timeout for waiting for H.264 variants to 10 …
…seconds from 3
@simX simX added documentation on hidden prefs to the developer site's read me da4f181
@ssp ssp Add missing fr strings ec31abd
@ssp ssp Re-Add HD checkbox to preferences.
Seems the best solution for the time being to accomodate people with slow computers or limited bandwidth. In fact, with the standard YouTube size, it seems questionable whether the additional bandwidth usage is worth it even for people with fast machines and connections.

Also includes the spacing improvements suggested by klacoste in .
@ssp ssp Purge H.264 from strings.
Settle for QuickTime as a compromise instead because simX thinks just writing Movie is too ambiguous.

I still think writing Movie would be preferable because the geek who may hypothetically be scared by the ambiguity will click the film sooner rather than later while mum™ will understand the word 'Movie' but wonder what that 'QuickTime' stuff is about, possibly not even realising it is a film.
@ssp ssp static analyser at every compile is slow
… and thus annoying
@ssp ssp Try to make the video view more flexible.
Such that resizing (e.g. on YouTube with the resize button or in separate windows spawned by YouTube) works.

No idea whether this is a good idea (yet), but it worked in the two cases I tried. Additional testing would be a good idea.
Commits on Sep 20, 2009
@klacoste klacoste Changes to Sparkle loading.
1. If the host app doesn't use Sparkle, we load our embedded version.
2. If the host app uses the same version of Sparkle as us, we use that directly.
3. If the host app uses an older version of Sparkle, we play nice and disable our own update checks.

Number 3 is important here as we need to be sure we aren't disrupting the host app.
@klacoste klacoste Simplified the Sparkle loading code.
Assumes the presence of the required APIs since we check the framework version first. Removes calls to NSAssert since we aren't really set up to use it here (possible exceptions would be thrown into WebKit). Fails silently with a console message if any errors are encountered which results in business as usual minus Sparkle updates.
@klacoste klacoste Removed some commented out code that was accidentally committed. Git …
…newb here.
@klacoste klacoste Added some additional Executables to the project for testing.
Coda, Hula Desktop & Shiira (so I can keep Safari open). These are absolute paths to the user Applications folder so I'm not sure if Xcode will do the right thing when checking out under a different user.
@ssp ssp avoid leaking original opacity dictionary 9707fb0
Commits on Sep 21, 2009
@simX simX fix Kevin Ballard's silly preference file that he messed up and was t…
…otally not my fault at all AT ALL
@simX simX unique a ballooned whitelist if there are lots of duplicate entries; …
…this seems to be pretty fast, since it basically just loads the array from prefs into a set and then writes the set back out again; on a 1.5 MB prefs file with 77673 items, on a MacBook Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, it takes only a second or two
@simX simX merging in ssp's newest changes 1eafcef
@simX simX manually re-do ssp's re-addition of the HD pref --… e767ad3
@simX simX Merge branch 'master' of git:// ffa3e44
@simX simX oops, copy-and-pasting doesn't seem to preserve the bindings; re-do b…
…indings manually on HD checkbox in prefs panel
@simX simX reduced the timeout for H.264 variant checking for whitelisted sites …
…back down to 3 from 10
@rentzsch [DEV] Who are we kidding? Bumping version to 1.6b1. 3d5e8e2
@rentzsch [DEV] Move Copy Files build phase back before Sources. 5ef05d3
@rentzsch Revert "really change the version number this time"
This reverts commit 9464a39.
@rentzsch 1.6b1 570ef0d
Commits on Sep 22, 2009
@rentzsch [FIX] Track down and kill another rogue PRODUCT_VERSION: 1.6b1 ended …
…up advertising 1.5.3b4 in its about box. Bump version to 1.6b2.
@rentzsch 1.6b2 fddc3dd
@ssp ssp Make PRODUCT_VERSION work better.
To keep this working _only_ set it for the Project (top most icon in source list) and not for the Target in the future. Still requires a clean all to actually work.
@ssp ssp Unlocalise CSS file again. 8c057ab
@ssp ssp Remove junk scripts from Sparkle.
No more bzr, no more fr_CA.
@ssp ssp Change Sparkle strings to UTF-8.
git seems to dislike UTF-16.
@ssp ssp Change key for ‘You’re up-to-date’ string.
… so it matches the one in the Sparkle project. Compatible keys increase the chances that one may benefit from improved localisations.
@ssp ssp Clean Sparkle.
Remove Headers and unneeded localisations.
@ssp ssp Fix wrong keys. bb2aadb
@ssp ssp I think my localisation is better than the original one. 1c837f8
Commits on Sep 23, 2009
@simX simX add a CNAME file so that we can use as our URL if we…
… can't obtain
@simX simX Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// int…
…o gh-pages
Commits on Sep 24, 2009
@simX simX changed domain to since we've acquired it (thanks Wi…
…nklet Web Design\!); seems GitHub pages only support one domain name
Commits on Oct 01, 2009
@simX simX updated the list and text of hidden prefs 29ce310
@simX simX removed '(beta only)' tags from two hidden prefs 'cause I cherry-pick…
…ed them into the master branch for a 1.5.3 release
Commits on Oct 02, 2009
@simX simX updated the read me for 1.5.3
(cherry picked from commit 8879a1a)
@simX simX removed weird wording in read me
(cherry picked from commit 79456ab)
@simX simX another fix included for 1.5.3 added to the read me
(cherry picked from commit a89f482)
Commits on Oct 03, 2009
@ssp ssp Handle different Flash types in the plug-in.
Messy and unfinished. A first step of trying to set up an infrastructure to handle different Flash types.

Currently it handles YouTube and sIFR and Vimeo. I want to consilidate the Video subclasses a bit more to reduce duplicate code.
@ssp ssp Remove stuff that was commented out. 7f8eeb1
@ssp ssp User standard CtF © blurb at top of new files. c41367a
@simX simX add a page to the website showing users how to help us out in support…
…ing sites other than YouTube
Commits on Oct 04, 2009
@ssp ssp Clean up, duplicate code removal, etc.
In far better shape than yesterday.
@rentzsch add 1.5.3 12b8567
@rentzsch Revert "add 1.5.3"
This reverts commit 12b8567.
@rentzsch try to add 1.5.3 again, this time with the correct Sparkle DSA sig. 18d5119
@ssp ssp More cleaning and FLV support on Vimeo.
(Somehow Perian's FLV doesn't work when debugging but seems OK otherwise, so I think it's worth doing.)
@ssp ssp Respect the use video preference. 9efe8dd
@simX simX oops, added back Google analytics code e7b9dee
@simX simX updated text on .flv files dd5b64b
@simX simX Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// int…
…o gh-pages
@ssp ssp Towards preview images.
Try to figure out preview image data and overlay the images on the view after they are loaded.
Commits on Oct 05, 2009
@ssp ssp Vimeo HD & FLV + general streamlined donwloading. 01a76ac
Commits on Oct 07, 2009
@ssp ssp Adjust comments on Vimeo parser to reflect what's actually done. 2d84857
@ssp ssp Make YouTube Killer work on Google Wave as well. 3e9dfe9
@ssp ssp Avoid initialising NSURL with a nil string. d72d41f
@ssp ssp More careful determination of YouTube video ID. 7870870
@ssp ssp Move CTFLoader to correct location.
Also remove redirection logging inside.
@ssp ssp Merge branch 'gh-pages' of git:// int…
…o cocoa-killer
@ssp ssp Apply Whitelisting to URL rather than host.
This lets you match variants of hostnames ( vs more easily and also matches things like without whitelisting the whole empire.

Do this in a way that is quite conservative and will not match the path only but always require the host name to be involved.

I hope there isn't a big reason for just applying it to the host lurking in the background.
Commits on Oct 08, 2009
@simX simX Merge branch 'cocoa-killer' of git:// into…
… cocoa-killer
@simX simX toss out the docs from gh-pages fork, these aren't needed here bd43b66
@ssp ssp Don't match partial domain names in Whitelist.
I.e. have an entry for match, etc. but not the completely different domain
@ssp ssp Cancel head fetching to please 10.5. 71a30dd
@ssp ssp Use preview image in <video>, remove autobuffer.
Concerning the autobuffering:
It seems that if we want anything here it is to _not_ preload the film in case there are films on sites that are whitelisted. 

It reads like adding the autobuffer attribute with any content sets the element up to autobuffer.

Even when not adding the attribute, things are autobuffered, so this doesn't really help.
@ssp ssp Initialise variable in correct place.
Also remove superfluous variable.
@ssp ssp Don't re-use variable name of method parameter. 1ccf762
@ssp ssp Make sure the passed site name is not nil. 3e0a746
@ssp ssp Solid, more opaque background for gear icon.
On non-default backgrounds (likely with the previewImage), the existing background frequently led to the gear icon being invisible. Also, the gradient could end up looking quite ugly in some of these situations. Hence I replaced it by a solid circle to ensure the menu remains visible.
@ssp ssp Add ‘glossy’ effect on to the preview image.
As the view’s standard background is covered up when there is a previewImage, a slight ‘gloss’ is added on top. This also reflects the ‘clicked’ status on the view which is usually done by the background.
Commits on Oct 09, 2009
@ssp ssp Improve ‘Larger Size’ download link text.
This hopefully clarifies the meaning of the link to avoid misunderstandings as in

Also makes sure that the displayed links always match the actual situation. To achieve that all methods need to be passed the HD loading state rather than the URL to the video file.

Strings for the new links are added. fr localisation still missing.
@ssp ssp Remove typo in explanatory comment. 1e17254
@ssp ssp Store videoHash explicitly and change its lookup.
The main aim of this was to make CtF work on YouTube user pages as well which need scraping despite being on YouTube.

To make the flow a bit clearer there is now an explicit videoHash variable and a single method, -setInfoFromFlash vars used to set the videoID and videoHash from Flash vars.
@ssp ssp Make -video*URLString mthds return nil on fail.
When either of the videoID and videoHash variables isn't set, the URL will not work. Don't retrun a variable in those cases, so we save ourselves the 404.
@ssp ssp Set video links correctly.
And dump an unused variable.
@ssp ssp Remove separate video download URLs.
They seem to be useless, so rather keep things simple.
@simX simX Merge branch 'cocoa-killer' of git:// into…
… cocoa-killer
Commits on Oct 11, 2009
@ssp ssp Fix wrong data type in prototype. ea59ac5
@ssp ssp Move drawing and mouse handling to controls.
Use separate NSButtons for the gear menu and the clicking on the whole view. This saves us the effort of handling the mouse movements. Splitting things up also separates the drawing more clearly and should be a first step towards making the plug-in accessible (as controls provide most of the AX stuff out of the box).
@ssp ssp Better checking for nil parameters. 698555f
@ssp ssp Merge branch 'cocoa-killer' into controls 6320366
@ssp ssp Fix the previous fix.
Do everything with NSURLResponses even though we expect NSHTTPURLResponses which we should be receiving (otherwise the request for the status code will fail).
Commits on Oct 27, 2009
@simX simX spins Sparkle updating off into a separate helper app, to avoid all t…
…hose annoying problems with host apps including their own version of Sparkle. YAYZ
@simX simX spins Sparkle updating off into a separate helper app, to avoid all t…
…hose annoying problems with host apps including their own version of Sparkle. YAYZ
@simX simX because git can't possibly be bothered to merge .pbxproj files correctly 919384a
@simX simX fix the project.pbxproj file since git can never be arsed to merge it…
… correctly
@simX simX fixing a few things from the merge that had borked some stuff up 2d6eea1
@simX simX changes to Sparkle so that we can use the bundle ID and display name …
…of ClickToFlash, even when using an updater helper app that has a different bundle ID and display name
@simX simX add new Info.plist entries to the ClickToFlash Updater app 10b79f6
@simX simX added back support for the automatic updating preference ec2ff68
@simX simX activate auto-updating preference 939a291
@simX simX fixed a bunch of minor niggling issues with Sparkle updating... autom…
…atic checks don't bring up a dialog if no updates are found; fixed a setting in the Sparkle project so that debug builds of the ClickToFlash Updater work; changing the automatic update setting should now actually trigger a change in the pref; using our own last check date so that multiple updaters aren't spawned; more, I think
@simX simX fix ClickToFlash Updater so no dialog is shown for auto-updates, make…
… ClickToFlash Updater faceless
@simX simX ClickToFlash Updater no longer briefly activates itself when there ar…
…e no updates
@simX simX removed Sparkle keys from the main plugin's Info.plist file a8b6ec5
@simX simX bumped the version number for the new Sparkle updating system 37047c1
@simX simX remove an embarassing NSLog line 8378a80
Commits on Nov 06, 2009
@simX simX Merge branch 'cocoa-killer' of git:// into…
… cocoa-killer
@simX simX merging with cutting-edge... f96a338
@simX simX fix some merge weirdness b579bdb
@rentzsch [NEW] Introduce beta appcast. fabb862
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.6b3 across both Debug and Release configurati…
…ons (looks like it was accidentally set to b3 only for Debug).
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.6b4, which is same as 1.6b3 and only has a di…
…fferent version number for Sparkle testing.
@rentzsch [DEV] Update README for 1.6b3 and 1.6b4. 12bcb97
@ssp ssp Improve handling of embedded YouTube.
We were scanning for »var swfArgs = {« but that seems to fail on quite a few pages I saw last week. (e.g.:

It looks like the flashvars are stored after a »'SWF_ARGS': {« for those, so I'm scanning for that as well now.

A general YouTube change, perhaps? Does the old string still occur?
@simX simX put the icon back on the ClickToFlash Updater app 73e1f2e
@rentzsch [FIX] Drop version back to 1.6b3 and fix over-zealous "Clean Sparkle"…
… Run Script Build Phase that was deleting English resources in the plugin.
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.6b4. Again. 86929b8
@simX simX merge in @rentzsch's beta appcast changes 0b978c7
@simX simX Merge branch 'cutting-edge' of git://…
… into cutting-edge
@rentzsch [FIX] Loosen up Sparkle's demands for how extracted .[m]pkg's are named.
It wants "ClickToFlash Updater.pkg" but we have "ClickToFlash.pkg".
@rentzsch [FIX] Drop version back to 1.6b3 to fix overly-restrictive extracted-…
…pkg Sparkle naming requirement.
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump to 1.6b4. Again. Again. Third time's the charm? 230899a
Commits on Nov 09, 2009
@rentzsch Merge branch 'cutting-edge' of git:// int…
…o cutting-edge
@simX simX retighten Sparkle restrictions, but with an exception for the new Inf…
…o.plist key we used for separate update helpers
@simX simX some code cleanup for the previous Sparkle change 9192025
@simX simX minor changes to get compiling to work right now, but for some reason…
… a pref has been completely lost in code
@simX simX changes so that we have an installer that correctly install the Click…
@simX simX changes to get the updater app to correctly identify the host app; st…
…ill won't relaunch it for some reason, though
@simX simX bring version number back down to 1.6b5, Sparkle now listens for the …
…correct pid when relauching
Commits on Dec 13, 2009
@rentzsch [DEV] Bump version to 1.6b6. 05ea816
@rentzsch [DEV] Update README for 1.6b5/b6. 421723a
@rentzsch [FIX] Leaking CTFClickToFlashPlugin._src. Ref http://rentzsch.lightho… a9906f8
Commits on Mar 06, 2010
@rentzsch [NEW] Bump to 1.6b7. Implement WebScripting Protocol so YouTube's fla… e354dcd
Commits on Mar 13, 2010
@rentzsch [NEW] GetVariable('$ClickToFlashVersion') support for @diveintomark's…
… flashblockdetector.