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$ git push <new-repo> split:master
+EXAMPLE 4. Re-integrate an already extracted subtree
+Suppose you have extracted a sub-directory containing a library into an own
+repository through other means (without git-subtree) already, but it still
+exists in your mainline/original repository. Here's how you re-integrate
+that back into your source/mainline:
+Let's assume that 'master' is our mainline branch in the original repo,
+containing the library in the lib/ sub-directory, which we want to split into
+a new 'class' branch and rejoin afterwards.
+First, split the local library into an own branch:
+ $ git checkout master
+ $ git subtree split --prefix=lib --rejoin -b split
+Second, add the library's existing upstream repo as remote 'vendor'. To
+achieve an identical history, we checkout the upstream master into 'library',
+merge the history of 'split' into it, and push the result upstream:
+ $ git remote add vendor
+ $ git checkout -b library vendor/master
+ $ git merge split
+ $ git push vendor library:master
+Third, merge any upstream library changes into your mainline:
+ $ git checkout master
+ $ git subtree merge --prefix=lib library
+ $ git push origin master
+To push changes in your local library to the vendor repo in the future, it's
+as simple as:
+ $ git subtree push --prefix=lib vendor master
Written by Avery Pennarun <>

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