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#ifndef _MKDIO_D
#define _MKDIO_D
#include <stdio.h>
typedef void MMIOT;
typedef @DWORD@ mkd_flag_t;
/* line builder for markdown()
MMIOT *mkd_in(FILE*,mkd_flag_t); /* assemble input from a file */
MMIOT *mkd_string(const char*,int,mkd_flag_t); /* assemble input from a buffer */
void mkd_basename(MMIOT*,char*);
void mkd_initialize();
void mkd_with_html5_tags();
void mkd_shlib_destructor();
/* compilation, debugging, cleanup
int mkd_compile(MMIOT*, mkd_flag_t);
int mkd_cleanup(MMIOT*);
/* markup functions
int mkd_dump(MMIOT*, FILE*, int, char*);
int markdown(MMIOT*, FILE*, mkd_flag_t);
int mkd_line(char *, int, char **, mkd_flag_t);
typedef int (*mkd_sta_function_t)(const int,const void*);
void mkd_string_to_anchor(char *, int, mkd_sta_function_t, void*, int);
int mkd_xhtmlpage(MMIOT*,int,FILE*);
/* header block access
char* mkd_doc_title(MMIOT*);
char* mkd_doc_author(MMIOT*);
char* mkd_doc_date(MMIOT*);
/* compiled data access
int mkd_document(MMIOT*, char**);
int mkd_toc(MMIOT*, char**);
int mkd_css(MMIOT*, char **);
int mkd_xml(char *, int, char **);
/* write-to-file functions
int mkd_generatehtml(MMIOT*,FILE*);
int mkd_generatetoc(MMIOT*,FILE*);
int mkd_generatexml(char *, int,FILE*);
int mkd_generatecss(MMIOT*,FILE*);
#define mkd_style mkd_generatecss
int mkd_generateline(char *, int, FILE*, mkd_flag_t);
#define mkd_text mkd_generateline
/* url generator callbacks
typedef char * (*mkd_callback_t)(const char*, const int, void*);
typedef void (*mkd_free_t)(char*, void*);
void mkd_e_url(void *, mkd_callback_t);
void mkd_e_flags(void *, mkd_callback_t);
void mkd_e_free(void *, mkd_free_t );
void mkd_e_data(void *, void *);
/* version#.
extern char markdown_version[];
void mkd_mmiot_flags(FILE *, MMIOT *, int);
void mkd_flags_are(FILE*, mkd_flag_t, int);
void mkd_ref_prefix(MMIOT*, char*);
/* special flags for markdown() and mkd_text()
#define MKD_NOLINKS 0x00000001 /* don't do link processing, block <a> tags */
#define MKD_NOIMAGE 0x00000002 /* don't do image processing, block <img> */
#define MKD_NOPANTS 0x00000004 /* don't run smartypants() */
#define MKD_NOHTML 0x00000008 /* don't allow raw html through AT ALL */
#define MKD_STRICT 0x00000010 /* disable SUPERSCRIPT, RELAXED_EMPHASIS */
#define MKD_TAGTEXT 0x00000020 /* process text inside an html tag; no
* <em>, no <bold>, no html or [] expansion */
#define MKD_NO_EXT 0x00000040 /* don't allow pseudo-protocols */
#define MKD_CDATA 0x00000080 /* generate code for xml ![CDATA[...]] */
#define MKD_NOSUPERSCRIPT 0x00000100 /* no A^B */
#define MKD_NORELAXED 0x00000200 /* emphasis happens /everywhere/ */
#define MKD_NOTABLES 0x00000400 /* disallow tables */
#define MKD_NOSTRIKETHROUGH 0x00000800 /* forbid ~~strikethrough~~ */
#define MKD_TOC 0x00001000 /* do table-of-contents processing */
#define MKD_1_COMPAT 0x00002000 /* compatibility with MarkdownTest_1.0 */
#define MKD_AUTOLINK 0x00004000 /* make link even without <>s */
#define MKD_SAFELINK 0x00008000 /* paranoid check for link protocol */
#define MKD_NOHEADER 0x00010000 /* don't process header blocks */
#define MKD_TABSTOP 0x00020000 /* expand tabs to 4 spaces */
#define MKD_NODIVQUOTE 0x00040000 /* forbid >%class% blocks */
#define MKD_NOALPHALIST 0x00080000 /* forbid alphabetic lists */
#define MKD_NODLIST 0x00100000 /* forbid definition lists */
#define MKD_EXTRA_FOOTNOTE 0x00200000 /* enable markdown extra-style footnotes */
/* special flags for mkd_in() and mkd_string()
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