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Discount is primarily my work, but it has only reached the point
where it is via contributions, critiques, and bug reports from a
host of other people, some of which are listed before. If your
name isn't on this list, please remind me
-david parsons (
Josh Wood -- Plan9 support.
Mike Schiraldi -- Reddit style automatic links, MANY MANY MANY
bug reports about boundary conditions and
places where I didn't get it right.
Jjgod Jiang -- Table of contents support.
Petite Abeille -- Many bug reports about places where I didn't
get it right.
Tim Channon -- inspiration for the `mkd_xhtmlpage()` function
Christian Herenz-- Many bug reports regarding my implementation of
`[]()` and `![]()`
A.S.Bradbury -- Portability bug reports for 64 bit systems.
Joyent -- Loan of a solaris box so I could get discount
working under solaris.
Ryan Tomayko -- Portability requests (and the rdiscount ruby
yidabu -- feedback on the documentation, bug reports
against utf-8 support.
Pierre Joye -- bug reports, php discount binding.
Masayoshi Sekimura- perl discount binding.
Jeremy Hinegardner- bug reports about list handling.
Andrew White -- bug reports about the format of generated urls.
Steve Huff -- bug reports about Makefile portability (for Fink)
Ignacio Burgue?o-- bug reports about `>%class%`
Henrik Nyh -- bug reports about embedded html handling.
John J. Foerch -- bug reports about incorrect `–` and `—`