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#import "Xmod.h"
#import "JRSwizzle.h"
Xcode 2.4
10.4 SDK ppc, i386
Xcode 2.5
10.5 SDK ppc, i386
Xcode 3.0
10.5 SDK ppc GC, ppc64 GC, i386 GC, x86_64 GC
Xcode 3.2
10.6 SDK i386 GC, x86_64 GC
@interface NSObject (xmod_saveModelToFile)
@implementation NSObject (xmod_saveModelToFile)
- (BOOL)xmod_saveModelToFile:(NSString*)modelPackagePath_ {
BOOL result = [self xmod_saveModelToFile:modelPackagePath_];
if (result)
[[Xmod sharedXmod] performSelector:@selector(runScriptNamed:) withObject:@"Xmod" afterDelay:0.0];
return result;
@implementation Xmod
Xmod *gSharedXmod;
+ (void)pluginDidLoad:(NSBundle*)bundle_ {
gSharedXmod = [[self alloc] initWithBundle:bundle_];
+ (id)sharedXmod {
return gSharedXmod;
- (id)initWithBundle:(NSBundle*)bundle_ {
self = [super init];
if (self) {
bundle = [bundle_ retain];
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self
return self;
- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification*)notification_ {
// Force loading of the Core Data XDesign plugin so we can find the class to swizzle its instance method.
NSBundle *coreDataPlugin = nil;
NSString *xcodeVersion = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] infoDictionary] objectForKey:@"CFBundleShortVersionString"];
NSAssert(xcodeVersion, @"failed to read Xcode version");
if ([xcodeVersion isEqualToString:@"2.4"]) {
coreDataPlugin = [NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Plug-ins/XDCoreDataModel.xdplugin"];
} else if ([xcodeVersion isEqualToString:@"2.5"]) {
coreDataPlugin = [NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/Xcode2.5/Library/Xcode/Plug-ins/XDCoreDataModel.xdplugin"];
} else if ([xcodeVersion isEqualToString:@"3.0"] || [xcodeVersion hasPrefix:@"3.1"] || [xcodeVersion hasPrefix:@"3.2"]) {
coreDataPlugin = [NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/Developer/Library/Xcode/Plug-ins/XDCoreDataModel.xdplugin"];
} else {
NSLog(@"Xmod: unknown Xcode version (%@), not loading.", xcodeVersion);
NSAssert(coreDataPlugin, @"failed to load XDCoreDataModel.xdplugin");
[coreDataPlugin load];
Class persistenceDocumentController = NSClassFromString(@"XDPersistenceDocumentController");
NSAssert(persistenceDocumentController, @"failed to load XDPersistenceDocumentController");
NSError *error = nil;
BOOL swizzled = [persistenceDocumentController jr_swizzleMethod:@selector(saveModelToFile:)
NSAssert1(swizzled, @"failed to swizzle -[XDPersistenceDocumentController saveModelToFile:]: %@", error);
// Install the Autocustomize menu item.
NSMenu *designMenu = [[[NSApp mainMenu] itemWithTitle:@"Design"] submenu];
NSMenu *dataModelMenu = [[designMenu itemWithTitle:@"Data Model"] submenu];
NSMenuItem *myMenuItem = [dataModelMenu insertItemWithTitle:@"Autocustomize Entity Classes"
[myMenuItem setTarget:self];
- (IBAction)autocustomizeEntityClasses:(id)sender_ {
[self runScriptNamed:@"Autocustomize Entity Classes"];
- (void)runScriptNamed:(NSString*)scriptName_ {
NSString *scriptPath = [bundle pathForResource:scriptName_ ofType:@"scpt" inDirectory:@"Scripts"];
NSAssert1(scriptPath, @"failed to find %@.scpt", scriptName_);
#if 1
NSTask *osascriptTask = [[[NSTask alloc] init] autorelease];
[osascriptTask setLaunchPath:@"/usr/bin/osascript"];
[osascriptTask setArguments:[NSArray arrayWithObject:scriptPath]];
[osascriptTask launch];
// Executing an AppleScript inside Xcode's context is weird.
// Scripts like `tell app "Finder" to get folder of file` simply fail. I suspect rogue
// coercion handlers or namespace bugs. So now I just fire off an osascript invocation
// to give the script a clean nonweird enironment.
NSDictionary *scriptInitError = nil;
NSAppleScript *script = [[[NSAppleScript alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:scriptPath]
error:&scriptInitError] autorelease];
NSAssert2(!scriptInitError, @"failed to init %@.scpt: %@", scriptName_, scriptInitError);
if (!scriptInitError) {
NSDictionary *scriptExecuteError = nil;
[script executeAndReturnError:&scriptExecuteError];
NSAssert2(!scriptInitError, @"failed to execute %@.scpt: %@", scriptName_, scriptExecuteError);
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