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// NSNull.m
// Written by Doug McClure
// Copyright 2002-2004 by Don Yacktman and Doug McClure.
// All rights reserved.
// This notice may not be removed from this source code.
// This header is included in the MiscKit by permission from the author
// and its use is governed by the MiscKit license, found in the file
// "License.rtf" in the MiscKit distribution. Please refer to that file
// for a list of all applicable permissions and restrictions.
#import <Foundation/NSObject.h>
#if defined(NSFoundationVersionNumber10_0) || defined(GNUSTEP)
#define HAVE_NSNULL 1
#import <Foundation/NSNull.h>
@interface NSNull : NSObject
+ (NSNull *)null;
+ (id)allocWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;
- (void)dealloc;
- (id)description;
- (id)retain;
- (oneway void)release;
- (id)autorelease;
- (unsigned)retainCount;
- (id)copyWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;
- (id)copy;
- (void)encodeWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aCoder;
- (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder;
- (id)replacementObjectForCoder:(NSCoder *)aCoder;
- (id)valueForKey:(NSString *)key;
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