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Contributing to mogenerator

Thanks for your interest in making mogenerator better.

It's easy to contribute to mogenerator:

  • Fork the repo on GitHub.
  • git clone a local copy.
  • Make sure the tests pass on your fresh copy.
  • Create a new descriptively-named feature branch (or not, if it's just a small fix or something).
  • Make your changes.
  • Make sure the tests pass with your modifications.
  • Push your changes to GitHub.
  • Issue your Pull Request to me.

Before submitting a pull request with code, I highly recommend opening a new issue and checking to make sure it's something we will accept as a new feature or patch. Bug fixes are usually 100% OK, but not every feature is something that will may be relevant to mogenerator's goals.

Code Guidelines

mogenerator doesn't have any specific coding guidelines at this point. Just do your best to match the existing style in the file you are working in. If you create a new file, try to match what everything else is doing. If it's not perfect, no one will lose much sleep. It can always be fixed later. :)

Thanks for playing!