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cd "`dirname \"$0\"`"
sudo echo
sudo rm -rf 'build'
cd ..
xcodebuild -configuration Release CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR="$PWD/installer/build/root/usr/local/bin/"
# The standard templates are now integrated into mogenerator's binary itself.
# mkdir -p 'build/root/Library/Application Support/mogenerator'
# cp templates/*.motemplate "$PWD/installer/build/root/Library/Application Support/mogenerator/"
cd installer
VERSION=`build/root/usr/local/bin/mogenerator --version|head -n 1|sed -E 's/mogenerator ([0-9]+\.[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?).+/\1/g'`
MAJOR_VERSION=`echo $VERSION|sed -E 's/([0-9]+).+/\1/g'`
MINOR_VERSION=`echo $VERSION|sed -E 's/[0-9]+\.([0-9]+).*/\1/g'`
sed -E "s/VERSION/$VERSION/g" < Description.plist > 'build/Description.plist'
sed -e "s/MAJOR_VERSION/$MAJOR_VERSION/g" -e "s/MINOR_VERSION/$MINOR_VERSION/g" -e "s/VERSION/$VERSION/g" < Info.plist > 'build/Info.plist'
# cd ../Xmod
# xcodebuild -configuration Release CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR="`dirname $PWD`/installer/build/root/Developer/Library/Xcode/Plug-ins/"
# cd ../installer
sudo chown -R root 'build/root'
sudo chgrp -R admin 'build/root'
/Applications/Utilities/ -build -p "build/mogenerator-$VERSION.pkg" -f 'build/root' -i 'build/Info.plist' -d 'build/Description.plist' -ds
hdiutil create -srcfolder "build/mogenerator-$VERSION.pkg" -volname "mogenerator $VERSION" "build/mogenerator-$VERSION.dmg"
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