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## Version History
+### v1.26: Thu Apr 12 2012 [download](
+* [FIX] Missing space in transformable attribute codegen. [issue 89]( ([Daniel Tull](, [Kris Markel](, [Whitney Young](
+* [NEW] mogenerator's standard templates are now bundled into the mogenerator binary itself. This should solve the problem of templates growing out of sync with the intended version of mogenerator ([exacerbated]( by the now-popular homebrew installer). You can still use your own templates with the `--template-path` and `--template-group` parameters. [issue 79]( (Ingvar Nedrebo, rentzsch).
+* [NEW] Support for per-entity custom base classes, set via `mogenerator.customBaseClass` key in the entity's user info. ([Trevor Squires](
+* [CHANGE] mogenerator installer no longer installs separate template files (but it won't touch those already installed).
+* [CHANGE] mogenerator's .pkg installer no longer includes Xmo'd since 1) Xmo'd doesn't work with Xcode 4 yet and 2) now lives in /Applications, so the installer needs to get smarter to cope.
### v1.25: Thu Feb 16 2012 [download](
* [NEW] Support for Xcode 4.3 and it's relocation of `momc` into its bundle. Only supports /Applications/ for now. ([Matt McGlincy](

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