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[DOC] Add a link to John Blanco's blog post.

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Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch authored January 23, 2012

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@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Here's mogenerator's elevator pitch:
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 > `mogenerator` is a command-line tool that, given an `.xcdatamodel` file, will generate *two classes per entity*. The first class, `_MyEntity`, is intended solely for machine consumption and will be continuously overwritten to stay in sync with your data model. The second class, `MyEntity`, subclasses `_MyEntity`, won't ever be overwritten and is a great place to put your custom logic.
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+Want more detail? John Blanco has authored a [detailed writeup about mogenerator](
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 ## Using mogenerator
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 Senseful wrote up a [nice summary of mogenerator's command-line options](

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