Use instancetype as insertInManagedObjectContext: return type when possible #171

nikolaykasyanov opened this Issue Aug 20, 2013 · 2 comments


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This can be solved by editing template and replacing id with instancetype, but it would limit compatibility with older compilers (as far as I get it's important for this project, so...). Dance like this should work though:

#if __has_feature(instancetype)
#endif insertInManagedObjectContext...

But it's too verbose. Ideas?

rentzsch commented Oct 2, 2013

I like your idea, and may even just put instancetype in the default template, sans compiler feature detection. Seems to me if you want to/have to use an older compiler, you can just #define instancetype id in your PCH.

justin commented Dec 26, 2015

instancetype should be the default as of now. Closing this out.

@justin justin closed this Dec 26, 2015
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