__unsafe_unretained Leaks #176

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I have never used this before mogenerator before but have taken over a project using it.

I have found this question and stackoverflow: Why is MoGenerator falling afoul of ARC?

I have taken a look at the project in Instruments and monitoring leaks and there are 14,000+ leaked NSObjectID (_NSObjectID_64_2) objects.

I am associating these leaks with the __unsafe_unretained properties - What can I do about these? I can't dealloc them in the machine generated class as they will simply be overwritten when I next generate them?

Please advise.



Note that that stack overflow post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18369665/why-is-mogenerator-falling-afoul-of-arc seems to have been a user error based on a blog stripping a character from a command line argument. See the accepted answer.


If this is still an issue with Xcode 7 and mogenerator 1.29 please open a new issue.

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