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Crash in getter for inverse in To Many-to-To Many relationships #228

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When using the pre-release 1.28 Swift template, I'm getting crashes in mogenerated getters.

The offending relationships are To Many-to-To Many, defined like so:

Category.items (ordered, nullify) <<—>> Item.categories (unordered, nullify)

The mogenerated code for one of the inverses looks like this:

var categories: NSSet

func categoriesSet() -> NSMutableSet! {
    self.willAccessValueForKey("categories")                  <<< EXC_BAD_ACCESS code=2

    let result = self.mutableSetValueForKey("categories")

    return result

Is this a known issue and are these cases being tested for 1.28 release? Thanks!


Ordered relationships in general are problematic. I finally got them working for Obj-C on the 1.28 branch but sadly I'm not going to hold up the 1.28 release for Swift since it has more fundamental things broken.

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