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Xmo'd is not creating files based on the current model version #37

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I have just added a new model version, and set it as current.
When I make changes I get no updates happening on the generated files.
If I make changes to the old model version and save them, I do get changes in the generated files.
I looks like it is tracking the wrong model version - it's odd as it is tracking version 3, and now I'm on 4, so it's not like its always following the first version.


More investigation has discovered the following.

If you add "xmod" to the comments of the model (ie, select the model in the groups & files browser, not the individual model versions below) this does not appear to autogenerate.

If you select the model in the groups and files and then select the specific model version file in the details view, and add xmod to that comment, then that version will be generated.
So if you update the version you have to remove the xmod comment from the old version file and add it to the new version file.

This doesn't sound like this is how it should work ?


That's how it works, by design :-) I require the xmod comment tag on a specific version to eliminate ambiguity. It would be nice if you could just have the xmod comment on the model group instead of a individual model and rely on the "current version", but IIRC the AppleScript for that is painful/impossible. Patches welcome if you want to pursue that feature.


Ok, now I know !
Thanks for the reply.


This adds support for auto-latest-version detection: #46

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