Declare an array proxy property for ordered relationships #168

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brentdax commented Aug 8, 2013

This change defines a new readonly property of the form (name)Array for each ordered to-many relationship which returns the ordered set's -array proxy. It also defines ordered insertion and removal methods for (name)Array sufficient to make -mutableArrayValueForKey: work. This combination seems to allow you to bind an ordered relationship to an NSArrayController (though I wouldn't recommend mutating the relationship through one of the other accessors).

Brent Royal-... added some commits Aug 6, 2013
Brent Royal-Gordon Generate array proxy version of ordered relationship accessors
This change creates a -(name)Array version of any ordered relationship,
and adds matching mutators that permit
-mutableArrayProxyForValueAtKey:@"(name)Array" to work. The combination
appears to work with NSArrayController.
Brent Royal-Gordon Make booksArray a property and move to its own category
Unlike the other parts of the category it *was* in, this isn't really
creating and then stubbing in something that Core Data is meant to
justin commented Mar 22, 2016

We are declaring pull request and issue 0 now that 1.3 is out. If this is still an issue you'd like to see address with 1.30 and going forward, please open a new issue so we can start a fresh discussion. Thank you!

@justin justin closed this Mar 22, 2016
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