Change Template to use [self entityName] for entity name #170

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What's the reasoning behind this Pull Request? Just want to bottleneck through +entityName so it's easier to override? If so, what are you doing that you need to override it?


It just looks cleaner to me this way.


Honestly, I think mogenerator should not be generating any methods named entityName — there's a private method on NSManagedObject that's causing app store validation to throw warnings. People aren't being rejected for it, but we get a huge amount of noise about the warnings in the MagicalRecord issues tracker.

Wolf, are you open to the idea of coordinating a new name for this method?

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Rename +entityName ? #196


@tonyarnold I created an issue just for renaming +entityName: #196.


@rentzsch I doubt this is going to be merged at this point; should we just close it?

@segiddins segiddins closed this Feb 27, 2015
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