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Add momc path for Xcode 4.3 command line tools. #90

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Matt McGlincy Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch honus
Matt McGlincy

Deals with failing momc assert after upgrading to Xcode4.3 and installing the optional command line tools, which puts the momc binary into /Applications/

Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch

Horray, I was hoping someone would send me this patch :) Thanks.

Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch rentzsch merged commit 2a80b86 into from
Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch rentzsch closed this
honus commented

You might want to consider using xcrun to find momc. "xcrun -find momc" will return you the path to momc. "xcrun momc" will just run it.

Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch

@honus: great tip! Will do.

Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch rentzsch referenced this pull request

Use xcrun #118

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Feb 16, 2012
Matt McGlincy Check for momc as installed by Xcode4.3 command line tools. 68e0856
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  1. 3  mogenerator.m
3  mogenerator.m
@@ -527,6 +527,9 @@ - (void)setModel:(NSString*)path;
527 527
528 528
         if([fm fileExistsAtPath:defaultLocation]) {
529 529
             momc = defaultLocation;
+        } else if ([fm fileExistsAtPath:@"/Applications/"]) { 
+            // Xcode 4.3 - Command Line Tools for Xcode
+            momc = @"/Applications/";
530 533
         } else if ([fm fileExistsAtPath:@"/Developer/usr/bin/momc"]) { // Xcode 3.1 installs it here.
531 534
             momc = @"/Developer/usr/bin/momc";
532 535
         } else if ([fm fileExistsAtPath:@"/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Plug-ins/XDCoreDataModel.xdplugin/Contents/Resources/momc"]) { // Xcode 3.0.

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