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Mezzanine Themes

A collection of Django/Mezzanine templates. Each of them are designed to override Mezzanine's default template.

mezzanine_default and mezzanine_mobile are compilation of all the templates from Mezzanine. This will be easier for non-Python and non-Django designers to work with the templates.

Inspired by Pinax themes.


It is recommended to place the themes as high as possible, to make sure all the app templates are overridden.


Creating your own theme

Quoted from Pinax developers, 'Pinax themes are just simple Django Apps'. Actually, this applies to all Django projects as well.

A typical theme structure would look like this,

    - static/
        - img/
        - js/
            - scripts.js
        - css/
            - local.css
    - templates/
        - includes/

To override mezzanine_default templates, just copy the templates into the theme's templates directory.

    - includes/
    - base.html
    - index.html

To override Django App templates, just copy the templates into the theme's templates directory.

    - admin/
        - change_form.html
        - change_list.html
    - includes/
    - base.html
    - index.html

This overiding structure also helps to organize static files as you don't need duplicate javacripts or css scripts to the child templates.

    - static/
        - js/

    - static/
        - js/
            - jquery.min.js

From here, the jquery.min.js library in base_theme will also be available to my_awesome_theme, just remember to include both the themes into INSTALLED_APPS.

You'll notice that there are no *.py files in the themes. I prefer it this way, so it looks less scrary when we assign designers to work on the theme. =)

Release Notes

11-02-2013: Updated default templates to Mezzanine 1.3.0 templates.

25-09-2012: Added business theme by Dmitry Falk.

11-09-2012: Added html5_boilerplate theme by Renyi Khor.

10-09-2012: Updated default templates to Mezzanine 1.2.4 templates.

06-06-2012: Added Classic theme by Dmitry Falk.

05-06-2012: Updated default templates to Mezzanine 1.1 templates.

08-03-2012: First release. Examples coming soon.


If you have a theme you'd like to share, just send a pull request.

Renyi Khor (
Dmitry Falk (
Glen (

External Links

[1] Django: <>
[2] Mezzanine: <>
[3] Pinax Project: <>