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Leonids Gatsby starter

Leonids is a clean, fixed sidebar Gatsby starter which is perfect for powering your GitHub hosted blog.



What is Leonids?

A blazing fast static blog theme built on Gatsby.js


  • Responsive templates. Looking good on any viewport.
  • Fixed sidebar to provide a good navigation experience while reading.
  • Light/Dark mode.
  • And the Leonids (/ˈliːənɪdz/ lee-ə-nidz) are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

See a demo hosted on GitHub pages.

Getting Started (Recommended) deploy button

Deploy with Vercel

Netlify CMS deploy button

Deploy to Netlify

Local development setup

gatsby new my-blog
cd my-blog
gatsby develop

Check out your awesome blog at http://localhost:8000 and Cheers!

Legacy Jekyll theme

This project was a Jekyll blog theme, which is archived and not maintained any more. You can still find the source code in leonids-jekyll branch.