A full stack project based on tekton, gaegraph, gaeforms and gaepermission
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A full stack project for Google App Engine based on modules Tekton-micro, Gaegraph, Gaeforms and Gaepermission, Jinja2 and Babel

This application is running on https://tekton-fullstack.appspot.com

  1. Book App Engne and Python in pt_BR
  2. Vìdeos about the project in pt_BR


  • Install Google App Engine SDK
  • Download the tekton source code
  • Run venv.sh to create virtual env cd backend/venv && ./venv.sh (venv.bat if you use Windows)
  • Virtualenv source ./bin/activate
  • Execute server on backend/appengine folder cd ../appengine && dev_appserver.py .
  • See if it works on http://localhost:8080

python manager.py

manager.py is Tekton’s command-line utility for code generation.

Commands available

  • model
  • app
  • delete


It's possible to determine the app creation, specifying the name and the central entity from the module. Example:

python manager.py app course Course title:string price:currency begin:date

  • int: integer number.
  • float: floating-point number.
  • decimal: floating-point number with 2 decimal precision.
  • currency: money with 2 decimal precision.
  • string: string of characters
  • date: day, month and year.
  • datetime: day, month, year, hour, minutes and seconds.


This is how you create a Hello World using Tekton.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
from config.template_middleware import TemplateResponse
from gaecookie.decorator import no_csrf
from gaepermission.decorator import login_not_required

def index():
  _resp.write('Hello world')

Just save it as hello.py inside backend/appengine/routes and run your server on appengine directory.

dev_appserver.py .

Now head over to http://localhost:8080/hello/, and you should see your Hello world! greeting.