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[WORKING ON] The missing tornado mate
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Torext is an utilities bundle for tornado, aimed at easy development & deployment of tornado application.

Tornado is a great library, but sometimes I found it not that convenient to use, for example, I have to manually import handlers for Application initialization while there are more than one modules that hold request handlers, I have to write define('myoption') for a lot of lines, they are unsightly and inconvenient to manipulate. Each time I encounter those problems, my developing process is disturbed, I have to either consult the code I wrote in old project, or type lengthy repetitive code. Tornado is elegant, so I think developing with tornado should also be elegant.

That's what torext is created for, it contains features that most web frameworks commonly have:

  • database integration and models
  • url routing
  • validator for request arguments and everything
  • error handling dispatch
  • project scaffold
  • invoke settings from file
  • unit testing
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