Use 256 WS2812 LEDs with an ESP8266 and ARTnet for fancyness
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NodeMCU custom build by
        branch: master
        commit: b96e31477ca1e207aa1c0cdc334539b1f7d3a7f0
        SSL: false
        modules: file,gpio,net,node,struct,tmr,uart,wifi,ws2812
 build  built on: 2017-02-19 19:16
 powered by Lua 5.1.4 on SDK 2.0.0(656edbf)

Upload init.lua, lampe.lua, create credentials.lua (for your wifi).

Use to send ARTnet stuff. Beware: the protocol handling is a little bit fake, as we do not actually parse the whole protocol but make some assumptions...


I did not found good Apps for controlling the Device using Android, only Artnetcontroller seems to work quite fine, but has a super-complicated UI... (It can probably do much more stuff than needed.)

The idea is to have each pixel configureable by using the Universes 0 and 1 (0 --> LEDs 1 ... 170, 1 --> LEDs 171 ... 256) and provide an extra universe 2, where a single RGB value is send to the lamp and filled for all LEDs. With this setting, one can use ArtNetController app, use 3 channels in universe 2 and set the whished color for the whole lamp.


Connect GPIO0 to DIN of the LED panel and connect the GND of the data cable of the leds with the GND of the ESP.


  • If the LEDs are not connected while the ESP boots up, it will be in a boot loop because GPIO0 is also used as the Flash enable pin...
  • the ESP has only 3.3V TTL, where the WS2812 uses 5V TTL... A logic level converter would probably be nice
  • More ArtNet protocol parsing. Do not rely on "we will send it correctly"... The ESP crashes if something is no bueno.
  • Fix wifi startup / LED initialization: It is probably good to initialize the LEDs as early as possible and restore the last state or something.
  • If you want to use QLC+, there might be some problems with addressing the Panels correctly... Maybe it is a good idea to address each single 8x8 panel by a single universe.