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Fixed: silent command symbols '@' inside conditionnal blocks in the M…

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1 parent fa58ca3 commit a184b96575b36d58dbe4207f984a036c4b76dbb8 Dan Peori committed Dec 8, 2010
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  1. +3 −3 psl1ght/Makefile
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ all: $(STUBS)
@make -C tools/raw2h --no-print-directory
@make -C tools/ps3load --no-print-directory
@make -C tools/sprxlinker --no-print-directory
- @if test -e $(CGINCLUDE); then @make -C tools/vpcomp --no-print-directory; fi
+ @if test -e $(CGINCLUDE); then make -C tools/vpcomp --no-print-directory; fi
@make -C tools/PS3Py --no-print-directory
@make -f Makefile.lib --no-print-directory
@make -C libc-glue-ppu --no-print-directory
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ clean:
@make -C tools/raw2h clean --no-print-directory
@make -C tools/ps3load clean --no-print-directory
@make -C tools/sprxlinker clean --no-print-directory
- @if test -e $(CGINCLUDE); then @make -C tools/vpcomp clean --no-print-directory; fi
+ @if test -e $(CGINCLUDE); then make -C tools/vpcomp clean --no-print-directory; fi
@make -C tools/PS3Py clean --no-print-directory
@make -f Makefile.lib clean --no-print-directory
@make -C libc-glue-ppu clean --no-print-directory
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ install: all
@cp -r include $(PSL1GHT)/
@cp Makefile.base $(PSL1GHT)/
@cp tools/raw2h/raw2h tools/ps3load/ps3load tools/sprxlinker/sprxlinker $(PSL1GHT)/bin/
- @if test -e $(CGINCLUDE); then @cp tools/vpcomp/vpcomp $(PSL1GHT)/bin/; fi
+ @if test -e $(CGINCLUDE); then cp tools/vpcomp/vpcomp $(PSL1GHT)/bin/; fi
@cp tools/PS3Py/ $(PSL1GHT)/bin/
@cp tools/PS3Py/ $(PSL1GHT)/bin/
@cp tools/PS3Py/ $(PSL1GHT)/bin/

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