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import collections
from mongoengine import *
from hpfeedauth import User
class TagRights(Document):
tag = StringField(max_length=50, required=True)
subscribe = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
publish = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
def __unicode__(self):
return self.tag
class AuthKey(Document):
owner = ReferenceField(User)
identifier = StringField(max_length=20, required=True)
secret = StringField(max_length=40, required=True)
subscribe = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
publish = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
comment = StringField(max_length=100, required=False)
template = BooleanField(default=False)
def __unicode__(self):
return '<AK: {0}{1}>'.format(self.identifier, ' ('+self.comment+')' if self.comment else '')
class Chanstat(Document):
name = StringField(required=True, unique=True)
total = IntField(required=True, default=0)
sourcecount = IntField(required=True, default=0)
hour = IntField(required=True, default=0)
day = IntField(required=True, default=0)
week = IntField(required=True, default=0)
class Publog(Document):
tstamp = DateTimeField(required=True)
chan = StringField(required=True)
identifier = StringField(max_length=20, required=True)
class Channel(Document):
tstamp = DateTimeField()
creator = ReferenceField(User)
name = StringField()
description = StringField()
subscribe = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
publish = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
pubtags = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
subtags = ListField(StringField(), default=[])
def __unicode__(self):
return '<Channel: {0}>'.format(
def access_user(self, user):
out = set()
un = user.username
if un in self.publish: out.add('pub')
if un in self.subscribe: out.add('sub')
for tag in user.tags + ['anyone',]:
if tag in self.pubtags: out.add('pub')
if tag in self.subtags: out.add('sub')
return ','.join(out)
def access_dict(self):
useraxs = collections.defaultdict(set)
for un in self.publish: useraxs[un].add('pub')
for un in self.subscribe: useraxs[un].add('sub')
for k in useraxs: useraxs[k] = ','.join(useraxs[k])
return useraxs
def delete(self, *args, **kwargs):
# delete my name from all authkeys
aks = AuthKey.objects(Q(|Q(
for ak in aks:
if in ak.publish: ak.publish.remove(
if in ak.subscribe: ak.subscribe.remove(
super(Document, self).delete(*args, **kwargs)
# deleted
def anypub(self):
return 'anyone' in self.pubtags
def anysub(self):
return 'anyone' in self.subtags
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