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import sys
import os
import struct
from scapy.all import IP, TCP, send, sniff
IFACE = "vboxnet0"
MYIP = ""
def rand32():
return struct.unpack("I", os.urandom(4))[0]
def iptables_drop_resets():
os.system("iptables -A OUTPUT -o {0} -p tcp -s {1} --tcp-flags RST RST -j DROP".format(IFACE, MYIP))
def main():
def pcb(p):
if not p.haslayer(TCP):
ipl = p.getlayer(IP)
tcpl = p.getlayer(TCP)
print p.summary()
if tcpl.flags == 2 and ipl.dst == MYIP and not tcpl.dport in IGNORE_PORTS:
print "SYN from", ipl.src,, "to port", tcpl.dport
rp = IP(src=ipl.dst, dst=ipl.src, flags='DF', id=0)/TCP(sport=tcpl.dport,, ack=tcpl.seq+1, seq=rand32(), flags="SA")
# for some reason the bpf does not work sometimes...
ps = sniff(store=0, iface=IFACE, prn=pcb, filter="tcp")
return 0
if __name__ == "__main__":
try: sys.exit(main())
except KeyboardInterrupt: pass