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pwrtls - inspired by nacl and curvecp
- client and server need a long term keypair and generate short-term keypairs for each connection
authentication options:
1) server side key is known, clients not authenticated
2) like 1) but server knows a list of client public keys
3) server/client supply each other with signatures on their long-term keys by a trustedkey
4) server and client know a pre-shared symmetric key
5) no known keys, server key displayed to user for verification and storage (compare SSH)
- we do three round-trips starting with a client hello
- optional: the third message (client->server) could include a payload already if needed
- messages: client_hello_msg, server_hello_msg, client_verify_msg
- after handshake, we use the short-term keys to encrypt and authenticate each message
- profit!
nacl provides:
crypto_box(message, nonce, receiver-public-key, sender-private-key)
-> asymmetric authenticated encrypted message
crypto_secretbox(message, nonce, key)
-> symmetric authenticated encrypted message
crypto_sign(message, signkey)
-> asymmetric signature on message
spub: short-term public key of client,
OPTIONAL pskhint: identifier for resolving psk,
OPTIONAL cahint: identifier for trusted pubkey
-> pskhint only sent when client wants psk auth
box: crypto_box({
spub: short-term public key,
OPTIONAL pskv: crypto_secretbox(client short-term public key),
OPTIONAL cav: crypto_sign(long-term public key)
lpub: long-term public key
-> box authenticated with long-term key, encrypted for client short-term key
-> nonce used is "2" (short-term key only valid for this connection)
-> long-term key is sent in case the client does not yet have it (lookup/display_accept)
-> pskv is only sent when client wanted psk auth
-> cav is a signature on the servers long-term key by the trusted key
lpub: long-term public key,
v: crypto_box(short-term public key),
vn: verifybox_nonce,
OPTIONAL pskv: crypto_secretbox(server short-term public key)
OPTIONAL cav: crypto_sign(long-term public key)
OPTIONAL msg: data
-> v is verifybox, long-term to long-term key
-> box authenticated with short-term key, encrypted for server short-term key
-> the public key is sent to be able to look it up on the server's side
-> the verifybox vouches for the short-term key used by the client
-> pskv and cav see server_hello_msg