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# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
# needs gevent (recent probably), pymongo (for bson), nacl (pynacl)
# - if you don't have "pip"
# -> apt-get install python-pip
# - pip install gevent
# - pip install pymongo
# - git clone git://
# - cd pynacl
# - python install
import sys
import os
import struct
import random
import logging
import bson
import nacl
from gevent.socket import socket
logger = logging.getLogger('pwrtls')
BUFSIZE = 16 * 1024
# state_file is BSON encoded dict/hash
# with pub,priv keys for the keypair
# and nonce for securing the longtermkey encryption on new connections
# {'pub':'\x\x\x', 'priv':'\x\x\x', 'nonce':'\x\x\x'}
def load_state_file(path):
if not os.path.exists(path): return False
d = open(path, 'rb').read()
if not bson.is_valid(d): return False
return bson.BSON(d).decode()
def init_state(path):
pub, priv = nacl.crypto_box_keypair()
nonce = rand48()
state = {
d = bson.BSON.encode(state)
open(path, 'wb').write(d)
return state
def state_file(fpath):
state = load_state_file(fpath)
if not state:
logger.warning('invalid state file. generating new one...')
state = init_state(fpath)
return state
def _b(x): return bson.binary.Binary(x)
# message creation helpers
def rand48(): return random.randint(2**47, 2**48-1)
def lnonce(num): return 'pwrnonce' + struct.pack('QQ', num, rand48())
def snonce(num): return 'pwrnonceshortXXX' + struct.pack('Q', num)
class pwrtls_exception(Exception): pass
class pwrtls_closed(Exception): pass
# get args from enced bson dict
def from_bson(enced, *args):
dec = bson.BSON(enced).decode()
if len(args) == 1: return dec[args[0]]
return (dec.get(i,None) for i in args)
class PTLS_Socket(object):
def __init__(self, sock, validate_cb=None, pubkey=None, privkey=None, nonce=None):
self._sock = socket(_sock=sock)
self.pubkey = pubkey
self.privkey = privkey
self.nonce = nonce
self.shortpub, self.shortpriv = nacl.crypto_box_keypair()
self.rbuf = ''
self.validate_cb = validate_cb
self.psk, self.cav = None, None
def _recv_frame(self):
lengthbytes = self._recv(4)
if len(lengthbytes) < 4: raise pwrtls_exception('Invalid frame.')
framelen = struct.unpack('!I', lengthbytes)[0]
buf = ''
while len(buf) < framelen-4:
tmp = self._recv(min(BUFSIZE, framelen-4-len(buf)))
buf += tmp
return buf
def _recv(self, length):
d = self._sock.recv(length)
if not d: raise pwrtls_closed()
return d
def recv(self, buflen):
if buflen <= len(self.rbuf):
r, self.rbuf = self.rbuf[:buflen], self.rbuf[buflen:]
return r
r, buflen = self.rbuf, buflen-len(self.rbuf)
f = self._recv_frame()
tmp = self._open_message(f)
r, self.rbuf = r+tmp[:buflen], tmp[buflen:]
return r
def send(self, data):
m = self._message(data)
return len(data)
def _send_frame(self, data):
data = struct.pack('!I', len(data)+4) + data
def do_handshake(self):
raise Exception("Implement in subclass!")
def _message(self, data):
m = nacl.crypto_box(data, snonce(self.shortnonce), self.remote_shortpub, self.shortpriv)
self.shortnonce += 2
return m
def _open_message(self, data):
opened = nacl.crypto_box_open(data, snonce(self.remotenonce), self.remote_shortpub, self.shortpriv)
self.remotenonce += 2
return opened
def close(self):
def write(self, data):
return self.send(data)
def read(self):
return self.recv(BUFSIZE)
def fileno(self):
return self._sock.fileno()
class PTLS_Server(PTLS_Socket):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
PTLS_Socket.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.shortnonce = 4
self.remotenonce = 5
# hint cb only called if client sends hints
self.hint_cb = None
def do_handshake(self):
"""Perform a PTLS handshake."""
# first frame is client_hello, with his short-term pubkey
data = self._recv_frame()
self.remote_shortpub, pskhint, cahint = from_bson(data, 'spub', 'pskhint', 'cahint')
# in case we get a hint we need to get the respective psk/cav
if pskhint or cahint:
if not self.hint_cb: raise pwrtls_exception('Hint supplied, but no hint_cb set.')
self.psk, self.cav = self.hint_cb()
# now send our hello message with short-term pubkey
# receive verification message for authenticating the short-term key
data = self._recv_frame()
try: opened = nacl.crypto_box_open(data, snonce(3), self.remote_shortpub, self.shortpriv)
except ValueError:
raise pwrtls_exception('Could not open client_verify message.')
self.remote_longpub, vbox, vnonce, pskv, cav = from_bson(opened, 'lpub', 'v', 'vn', 'pskv', 'cav')
# check verifybox
inner_spub = None
try: inner_spub = nacl.crypto_box_open(vbox, vnonce, self.remote_longpub, self.privkey)
except ValueError: pass
if not inner_spub == str(self.remote_shortpub):
raise pwrtls_exception('Verifybox failure, client not in posession of correct private keys!')
# now actual remote authentication must happen
# verifybox is checked before this because validate_cb probably costs more
if not self.validate_cb:
logger.critical('PTLS socket has no validate_cb, connection will be INSECURE!')
if not self.validate_cb(self.remote_longpub, pskv, cav):
raise pwrtls_exception('Validation callback veto.')
def serverhello(self):
m = {
'box': _b(nacl.crypto_box(
'spub': _b(self.shortpub),
snonce(2), self.remote_shortpub, self.privkey)),
'lpub': _b(self.pubkey),
enc = bson.BSON.encode(m)
return enc
class PTLS_Client(PTLS_Socket):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
PTLS_Socket.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.shortnonce = 5
self.remotenonce = 4
def do_handshake(self):
"""Perform a PTLS handshake."""
# receive server hello with his short-term pubkey
data = self._recv_frame()
box, self.remote_longpub = from_bson(data, 'box', 'lpub')
srvhello = nacl.crypto_box_open(box, snonce(2), self.remote_longpub, self.shortpriv)
self.remote_shortpub, pskv, cav = from_bson(srvhello, 'spub', 'pskv', 'cav')
# now actual remote authentication must happen
if not self.validate_cb:
logger.critical('PTLS socket has no validate_cb, connection will be INSECURE!')
if not self.validate_cb(self.remote_longpub, pskv, cav):
raise pwrtls_exception('Validation callback veto.')
# send verification message authenticating our short-term key with our long-term one
def clienthello(self):
m = {
'spub': _b(self.shortpub)
return bson.BSON.encode(m)
def clientverify(self):
self.nonce += 1
vn = lnonce(self.nonce)
verifybox = nacl.crypto_box(self.shortpub, vn, self.remote_longpub, self.privkey)
m = _b(nacl.crypto_box(
'lpub': _b(self.pubkey),
'v': _b(verifybox),
'vn': _b(vn),
snonce(3), self.remote_shortpub, self.shortpriv
return m
def wrap_socket(sock, pubkey=None, privkey=None, nonce=None,
"""Create a new :class:`PTLS_Socket` instance."""
if server_side:
return PTLS_Server(sock, pubkey=pubkey, privkey=privkey, nonce=nonce)
return PTLS_Client(sock, pubkey=pubkey, privkey=privkey, nonce=nonce)
def validator_longterm_pubkey(knownkey):
return lambda lpub, pskv, cav: lpub == knownkey
def validator_psk(psk):
return lambda lpub, pskv, cav: lpub == knownkey