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import os
import struct
import collections
import weakref
import urlparse
import hashlib
import info
import crypto
try: import msgpack
except: pass
class NodeException(Exception):
"""Base for Node Exceptions"""
class CallException(Exception):
"""Call Exception"""
class EventGen(object):
def __init__(self):
self._event_subscribers = collections.defaultdict(list)
def _on(self, name, cb):
def _event(self, name, *args):
for cb in self._event_subscribers[name]:
#if cb.alive():
class Referenced(object):
def __init__(self, conn, ref, classname=None, classdoc=None, functions=[], attrs=[]):
self.conn = conn
self.ref = ref
self.classname = classname
self.__doc__ = classdoc
self.functions = {}
for name, sig, doc in functions:
self.functions[name] = (sig, doc)
self.attrs = dict(attrs)
def call(self, method, *params):
return, method, *params)
def notify(self, method, *params):
self.conn.send_notify(self.ref, method, params)
def filehash(fpath):
return hashlib.sha1(open(fpath).read()).digest()
def expose(fn, name=None): = name or fn.__name__
return fn
def rand32():
return struct.unpack('I', os.urandom(4))[0]
def gen_forwarder(secret, obj, nonce, options={}):
return crypto.encrypt( msgpack.packb((nonce, id(obj), options)), secret )
# returns (fp, obj, nonce)
def cap_from_forwarder(secret, fwd):
return msgpack.unpackb( crypto.decrypt(fwd, secret) )
def parse_url(url):
up = urlparse.urlparse(url)
hints = []
if up.netloc:
try: hints = [(j[0], int(j[1])) for j in [i.split(':') for i in up.netloc.split('@')[1].split(',')]]
except: pass
return up.username, hints, up.path.lstrip('/').decode('base64')
def load_cert(cert):
if not cert:
return None,''
if os.path.exists(cert):
x509 = crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.load_certificate(crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, open(cert, 'r').read())
fp = x509.digest('sha1').replace(':','').lower()
return x509, fp
return None, ''
# some support classes for weakly referencing methods
class WeakMethodBound:
def __init__(self, f):
self.f = f.im_func
self.c = weakref.ref(f.im_self)
def __call__(self, *args):
if self.c() == None:
raise TypeError, 'Method called on dead object'
apply(self.f, (self.c(),) + args)
def alive(self):
return (not self.c() == None)
class WeakMethodFree:
def __init__(self, f):
self.f = weakref.ref(f)
def __call__(self, *args):
if self.f() == None:
raise TypeError, 'Function no longer exist'
apply(self.f(), args)
def alive(self):
return (not self.f() == None)
def WeakMethod(f):
try :
except AttributeError :
return WeakMethodFree(f)
return WeakMethodBound(f)
def gen_selfsigned_cert(c='DE', st='NRW', l='Aachen', o='ITsec', ou='pwrcall', cn=os.urandom(10).encode('hex')):
k = crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.PKey()
k.generate_key(crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.TYPE_RSA, 1024)
# create a self-signed cert
cert = crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.X509()
cert.get_subject().C = c
cert.get_subject().ST = st
cert.get_subject().L = l
cert.get_subject().O = o
cert.get_subject().OU = ou
cert.get_subject().CN = cn
cert.sign(k, 'sha1')
crtpem = crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.dump_certificate(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, cert)
keypem = crypto.OpenSSL.crypto.dump_privatekey(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, k)
return '\n'.join([keypem, crtpem])
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