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- Python 2.5 or later

- Google V8

- PyV8

- Libemu

- Pylibemu

- Pefile

- Chardet

- httplib2 0.7.1 or later


In order to properly install V8 and PyV8 please follow the procedure
described below.

1. Checkout V8 source code from SVN  

	$ svn checkout v8

2. Patch V8 source code with the patches you can find in thug/patches

	$ cp thug/patches/V8-patch* .
	$ patch -p0 < V8-patch1.diff 
	patching file v8/src/log.h
	$ patch -p0 < V8-patch2.diff 
	patching file v8/src/parser.h
	Hunk #1 succeeded at 456 (offset 7 lines).

3. Checkout PyV8 source code from SVN

	$ svn checkout pyv8

4. Set the environment variable V8_HOME with the V8 source code 
   absolute path (you need to change the value reported below)

	$ export V8_HOME=/home/buffer/v8

5. Move to PyV8 source code directory

	$ cd pyv8

6. Build and install (PyV8 will properly install both V8
   and PyV8)

	~/pyv8 $ python build
	~/pyv8 $ sudo python install

7. Test the installation

	~/pyv8 $ python

   If no problems occur, you have successfully installed V8 and PyV8.

In order to install the other required libraries and packages please 
follow installation procedures as specified in their documentation.


~/thug/src $ python -h

    Thug: Pure Python honeyclient implementation

        python [ options ] url

        -h, --help          	Display this help information
        -u, --useragent=    
        -o, --output=       	Log to a specified file
        -l, --local         
        -v, --verbose       	Enable verbose mode    
        -d, --debug         	Enable debug mode

    Available User-Agents:
	xpie60			Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows XP)
	xpie61			Internet Explorer 6.1 (Windows XP)
	xpie70			Internet Explorer 7.0 (Windows XP)
	xpie80			Internet Explorer 8.0 (Windows XP)
	w2kie60			Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows 2000)
	w2kie80			Internet Explorer 8.0 (Windows 2000)

Please note that Thug store downloaded contents and logs in the directory 
thug/logs by default if not otherwise specified. You are required to take 
a look at thug/logs/thug.csv file in order to understand in which directory
logs were saved. This awful logging mechanism will change soon. Moreover it 
is highly suggested to always specify a log file (through option -o).

License information

Copyright (C) 2011 Angelo Dell'Aera <>

License: GNU General Public License, version 2 or later; see COPYING.txt
         included in this archive for details.

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