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1) Binary installation
The prefered way is to install one of the binary installation packages.
You find the latest downloads here:
2) Compile from source
You need a .NET ide with c# compiler. The software is developed using
Visual Studio 2008. Any later version will work as well. Also an installation
of the latest OpenTK version ( is needed.
Step 1: Open RepetierHost.sln in src/RepetierHost
Step 2: Build binary
Step 3: Now you have a binary in bin/Debug or bin/Release. The binary expects
some files in the directory from where it runs. You need to copy them into
this directory. Most important is the data directory found in src. You can
also copy the Slic3r binary there if wanted. The main Folder must be named
Slic3r with no version numbers etc. You should also copy the OpenTK binary
and configuration files in that directory.
Now you can start the application be starting it in debug mode (F5).
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