EEPROM settings

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EEPROM settings

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EEPROM settings

Every now and then, you may want to change some settings in your firmware. If your firmware supports the protocol below, you can change the settings with this software. Connect your printer and call the "EEPROM settings". A window, similar to the one above will show up. Change the values to your like and click OK. The changed values are send to your firmware.

Firmware supporting this function

Protocol description

After opening the window, a


is send. For every parameter, that is changeable, the firmware has to send a lint with the following format:

EPR:_data_type position value description_

The first value is the data_type (0=byte, 1=16 bit int,2=32 bit int,3 = float).

The second parameter is the position in EEPROM, the value is stored.

The third parameter is the current value.

The rest of the line is a short description of the parameter.

An excerpt of an output:

EPR:2 75 76800 Baudrate

EPR:2 79 0 Max. inactive time [ms,0=off]

EPR:2 83 60000 Stop stepper after inactivity [ms,0=off]

EPR:3 3 40.00 X-axis steps per mm

EPR:3 7 40.00 Y-axis steps per mm

To change one of these parameters, Repetier-Host sends

M206 T<data_type> P<position> S<new_value> for data_type 0-2 (all integer types)

M206 T<data_type> P<position> X<new_value> for data_type 3 (float)

data_type and position are the same values returned by M205.

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