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Updated CHANGELOG with PVR clean GL error

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1 parent 4a6f88d commit 644ff131845ba908d8aba12c0a90dbe0974670b9 @ricardoquesada ricardoquesada committed Jun 1, 2011
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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ version 1.0-rc3 - 31-May-2011
. [FIX] Sprites: DisplayedFrame returns the correct frame (issue #1182)
. [FIX] Templates: Supports spaces in project name (issue #1158)
. [FIX] TextureCache: Textures are autoreleased to prevent a crash in multi-threading environments
+. [FIX] TexturePVR: clean glError() before creating textures
. [FIX] TMX Maps: Consume less memory (only what is needed), faster loading times (issue #1175)
. [FIX-MAC] Tests: Added test case for issue #1071
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Doesn't crash when entering fullscreen if window is not Key (issue #1185)

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