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Playgrounds are containerised processes that run distributed datastores locally so that replicante can be developed, tested, and demoed.

Playgrounds are built using replidev to read a custom YAML definition and start podman pods.

Code of Conduct

Our aim is to build a thriving, healthy and diverse community.
To help us get there we decided to adopt the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for all our projects.

Any issue should be reported to stefano-pogliani by emailing
Unfortunately, as the community lucks members, we are unable to provide a second contact to report incidents to.
We would still encourage people to report issues, even anonymously.

In addition to the Code Of Conduct below the following documents are relevant:

Quick start

Playgrounds are a way to speed up Replicante's development as well as demo it and experiment with it.

For an introduction on how to use them, check out the quick start guide.


Run distributed datastores locally to develop and test Replicante.



Code of conduct





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