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@replicatedbot replicatedbot released this Nov 16, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release


4780aef Backward compatable license sigining (#142)
3a14b5c Merge pull request #150 from replicatedhq/divolgin/registry
9f70411 Merge pull request #146 from replicatedhq/divolgin/rewrite
9d7022d rewrite images on updates if private registry info exists
21094dd Merge pull request #148 from replicatedhq/laverya/choose-kubectl-version
60c62e5 include kubectl version in ApplicationSpec struct
a655feb Send license data rather than archive (#147)
07b7a9f remove existing images from kustomize instead of from the newly discovered list
e3d221d Merge pull request #145 from replicatedhq/divolgin/private-registry
709d36d support private registries with online installs
47f7935 Init scheme for tests (#143)
33f8f0d Peek -> GetUpdates (#144)
30ded45 List new releases (#141)
c8dfca4 Support hidden entitlement fields (#140)

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