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· 4 commits to main since this release
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  • b2daf6b Merge pull request #2859 from replicatedhq/laverya/yamlescape-unit-testing
  • 6b0b1bc Merge pull request #2934 from replicatedhq/emosbaugh/sc-51814/update-dex-go-lib-dependency
  • 831b05b Merge pull request #2930 from replicatedhq/divolgin/sc-51425/kots-fails-to-deploy-helm-chart-that-depends
  • 23b76e5 Upgrade go lib
  • 908fa18 Merge pull request #2933 from replicatedhq/nickm-fix-action-exp-quote
  • 715c70b Strings in expressions require single quotes, not double
  • ae851e6 Merge pull request #2932 from replicatedhq/regression-test-cleanup-default-CLEANUP_INTERVAL_HOURS
  • 7f1bbb0 Set default CLEANUP_INTERVAL_HOURS for scheduled workflow
  • be49193 Add render test for chart and subchart with the same name
  • 5a88642 Use chart path instead of name as a map key
  • 9377549 Merge pull request #2931 from replicatedhq/regression-test-cleanup-cleanup_interval_hours
  • e1890a2 Input CLEANUP_INTERVAL_HOURS for regression-test-cleanup workflow
  • ca04746 Merge pull request #2928 from replicatedhq/emosbaugh/sc-51661/kots-panic
  • 6c11c23 chore: add kubernetes installer preflight build-test (#2927)
  • e1ebd76 Merge pull request #2929 from replicatedhq/kiraboyle/sc-49507/difficult-for-end-user-to-recover-after-deploying
  • 47f21fe Merge pull request #2922 from replicatedhq/stefan/sc-49163/add-chart-path-to-apps-resp
  • 40e1556 don't pass a previous manifest when deploying an app if the previous manifest had an error * this fixes a bug where an app with no errors would deploy with errors, even if it was valid itself
  • 69d1bdc Prevent panic nil map
  • 3bc9d22 feat: kubernetes installer preflight (#2925)
  • f40b7ab Merge pull request #2926 from replicatedhq/emosbaug/consistent-registry-config-variable-name
  • 77305ac Fix actions generate support bundle on failure
  • 1cdaf47 Consistent naming of variable to registryConfig
  • 5b4c708 add chartpath to response app for helm charts
  • 62385ca Merge pull request #2921 from replicatedhq/divolgin/sc-48994/velero-crashing-in-embedded-install-with
  • 1c7d9d3 Use minio deployment to find minio image instead of node status
  • 186cc6b Merge pull request #2919 from replicatedhq/simplify-velero-download-logs
  • a8adb04 Try to speed up kots install
  • f21c9cb Simplify Velero download logs
  • 0097c26 Merge pull request #2916 from replicatedhq/miawong/sc-50841/preflight-icons-are-visible-and-trigger-preflights
  • 8509ef4 Merge pull request #2918 from replicatedhq/go-e2e-tests-2
  • 519beb1 Migrate rest of e2e tests to new go framework
  • 0c9148c Migrate e2e tests to new go framework (#2917)
  • 8745948 replace div with react fragment add missing ?
  • 8a23b32 change divs to react fragment
  • 9d1e7b5 update ternary condition
  • e698399 add check is display preflight check icons if preflightstate is not empty
  • 96af233 improve yamlescape unit testing