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The side-car admin console for KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf) Software
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Kotsadm is an installable admin console for managing KOTS applications. Kotsadm provides a nextgen admin experience for any KOTS application, designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of enterprise IT admins, from a “click-to-deploy” model to “automated operations”.

Once deployed, Kotsadm gives administrators the ability to get an application configured and deployed using step-through configuration, automated preflight checks and one-click updates.

For advanced cluster operators, we recommend setting up the GitOps & internal registry integrations to move away from click-to-deploy and instead leverage an Kotsadm's automated operations.


Kots is a kubectl plugin to help manage Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf software. For more information on Kots see


For more information on installing Kotsadm locally see


For docs on setting up a dev environment to build and run kotsadm locally, read the CONTRIBUTING guide.

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