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Kubectl plugin to find forked Helm Charts and other K8s resources and unfork them
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kubectl unfork

A kubectl plugin to find forked helm charts running in a cluster, extract Kustomize compatible patches, and allow you to delete the fork and return to the upstream Chart, while preserving your patches.


curl | bash
kubectl unfork

This plugin will:

  • Connect to your Kubernetes cluster and search for a Helm Tiller pod.
  • Connect to your Tiller using the Helm GRPC API and query to receive a list of all installed Helm Charts.
  • Meanwhile, Unfork will download a list of all known Helm Charts from Monocular.
  • Comparing your Helm charts with the Monocular index, Unfork will attempt to determine which upstream your fork is from.
  • Once you've confirmed the best upstream, Unfork will convert your custom changes into Kustomize patches and resources.
  • You can now update the Helm chart to the latest version, and re-apply your patches.

Note: Unfork does not make any changes to the applications running in your cluster. Unfork only needs access to your cluster in order to port-forward and gain access to Tiller.

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