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A filesystem synchronization tool similar to Dropbox over replikativ.


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filesync-replikativ Gitter

A filesystem synchronization tool similar to Dropbox over replikativ. It works similar to git due to CDVCS. To resolve conflicts you need to drop to the REPL still. You also cannot transfer files larger than 50 MiB at the moment, but this is not hard to fix.

quick demo


You can set the :sync-path to the folder you would like to sync and the :store-path to a folder where replikativ will store the history of changes to the folder. The :remotes are servers which you want to share the data with. These can also be brokers to connect your machines. Finally pick a different cdvcs-id (best is random) for each folder, or you will get horrible unintended conflicts!

{:store-path "/tmp/sync-test"
 :sync-path "/var/tmp/input"
 :remotes ["ws://localhost:31744"]
 :user ""
 :cdvcs-id #uuid "34db9ec4-82bf-4c61-8e2a-a86294f0e6d4"
 :blob-backend :inline #_:ipfs-block}
lein run resources/example-config.edn

Content Addressable backends

Filesync can leverage IPFS' fast content delivery mechanisms and demonstrates how to integrate a content addressable store with it. A critical requirement is that the content is immutable. If it is addressable through a merkle semantics then it composes well with replikativ and the whole system guarantees merkle integrity.


  • fast and efficient p2p binary delivery
  • access to your files also from IPFS
  • automatic deduplication through IPFS' replication semantics (link?)


  • you depend on IPFS for availability, while the :inline replication ensures that all your data is available locally

This works by storing the content in the external content addressable store:

(ipfs/block-put {:request {:multipart [{:name (pr-str (:path p))
                                        :content (FileInputStream. (io/file (:path p)))
                                        :content-type "application/octet-stream"}]}})

And then storing this reference. There is nothing magical to it. Other possible backends would be eMule, bittorrent or dat. Feel free to open pull-requests.


  • allow OR-Map for different semantics
  • fix protocol to handle files in fixed size binary blocks


Copyright © 2016-2017 Christian Weilbach

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.


A filesystem synchronization tool similar to Dropbox over replikativ.







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