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(ns replikativ.connect
"Connection management middleware."
(:require [replikativ.environ :refer [*id-fn*]]
[replikativ.core :refer [wire]]
[kabel.peer :refer [drain]]
[konserve.core :as k]
#?(:clj [kabel.platform-log :refer [debug info warn error]])
[clojure.set :as set]
#?(:clj [superv.async :refer [<? <<? go-try go-loop-try alt? >?
go-for go-loop-super go-super
:cljs [superv.async :refer [restarting-supervisor]])
[kabel.client :refer [client-connect!]]
#?(:clj [clojure.core.async :as async
:refer [>! timeout chan put! pub sub unsub close!]]
:cljs [cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [>! timeout chan put! pub sub unsub close!]]))
#?(:cljs (:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer (go go-loop alt!)]
[superv.async :refer [<<? <? go-for go-try go-loop-try alt? >?
go-for go-loop-super go-super]]
[kabel.platform-log :refer [debug info warn error]])))
(defn handshake-middleware [url id subs extend? out [S peer [c-in c-out]]]
(let [new-out (chan)
subed-ch (chan)
sub-id (*id-fn*)
;; we intercept and track the subscription process
p (pub new-out (fn [{:keys [type] :as m}]
#_(prn "SENDING NEW_OUT" m)
(or ({:sub/identities-ack :sub/identities-ack} type)
(sub p :sub/identities-ack subed-ch)
;; pass through
(sub p :sub/identities-ack c-out)
(sub p :unrelated c-out)
;; start handshake
(go-try S
(>? S c-out {:type :sub/identities
:identities subs
:id sub-id
:extend? extend?})
(debug {:event :connect-started-handshake :sub-id sub-id})
;; wait for ack on backsubscription
(<? S (go-loop-try S [{id :id :as c} (<? S subed-ch)]
(debug {:event :connect-backsubscription
:sub-id sub-id :ack-msg c})
(when (and c (not= id sub-id))
(recur (<? S subed-ch)))))
(async/close! subed-ch)
;; notify initiator of the connection
(>? S out {:type :connect/peer-ack
:url url
:close-ch c-in
:id id})
(catch #?(:clj Exception :cljs js/Error) e
(>? S out {:type :connect/peer-ack
:url url
:id id}))))
[S peer [c-in new-out]]))
(defn handle-connection-request
"Service connection requests. Waits for ack on initial subscription,
also ensuring you have the remote state of your subscriptions
locally replicated."
[S peer conn-ch out]
(go-loop-super S [{:keys [url id retries] :as c} (<? S conn-ch)]
;; keep connection scope for reconnects
(when c
(fn [S]
(go-super S
(info {:event :connecting-to :peer (:id @peer) :url url})
(let [{{:keys [log middleware serialization-middleware]
{:keys [read-handlers write-handlers] :as store} :cold-store} :volatile
pn :id} @peer
subs (<? S (k/get-in store [:peer-config :sub :subscriptions]))
extend? (<? S (k/get-in store [:peer-config :sub :extend?]))]
(debug {:event :connection-pending :url url})
;; build middleware pipeline with channel pair
;; from client-connect
(->> [S peer (<? S (client-connect! S url id
(handshake-middleware url id subs extend? out)
:delay (* 10 1000)
:retries retries
:supervisor S
:log-fn (fn [level msg]
(case level
:error (error msg)
:warn (warn msg)
:debug (debug msg)
:info (info msg)
(debug msg)))))
(recur (<? S conn-ch))))
(defn connect
[[S peer [in out]]]
(let [new-in (chan)]
(go-try S
(let [p (pub in (fn [{:keys [type]}]
(or ({:connect/peer :connect/peer} type)
conn-ch (chan)]
(sub p :connect/peer conn-ch)
(handle-connection-request S peer conn-ch out)
(sub p :unrelated new-in true)))
[S peer [new-in out]]))