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A REPL-friendly LOLCODE compiler and virtual machine written in CoffeeScript. Strictly implements the LOLCODE 1.2 spec, except for the following deviations:

  1. The HAI/KTHXBYE enclosing block is optional, for REPL friendliness.
  2. BUKKIT is a reserved word, in case arrays are introduced later.
  3. String indexing rvalue, using <string> AT <index>.
  4. String indexing lvalue, using PUTZ <expression> INTA <string> AT <index>.
  5. String length, using LENGZ OF <string>.
  6. The ASCII code of the first character of a string, using ORDZ OF <string>.
  7. Convertion of ASCII codes to a string, using CHARZ OF <string>.


LOLCoffee is available under the MIT license.