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How to use this project with other libraries ? #11

kracekumar opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Can you explain the process how the this code was generated? Is Cpython code converted using emscripten? if so can you please explain the steps.

In order to use empythoned in my project, is it enough to load dist/worker.js in my html and which will load dist/python.opt.js?


I am able to use js in dist, here is the demo, just wanted to know how to convert CPython to js.


@nightpool: I got that, but I am looking for converting CPython to JS. emcc takes single file, looking how to convert entire code base.


Use the build script in the main directory?

EDIT: Oops, I just deleted my last comment. Here's what was in it, for posterity:
What empythoned converts is the CPython interpreter. You can then use that to run (in the browser) arbitrary javascript (ED: typo) python code.

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Seems issue with empythoned build script. kripken/emscripten#1011


I am having the same problem that kracekumar is having when I try and use empythoned from a chrome app.


@astromme I was able to create chrome extension offline-python, but import statement fails.


Yes, thats what I mean. I did a little bit of digging, and I think there is some bug in how chrome packaged apps and extensions handle the emscripten FS.

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