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Updated README (project status).

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@@ -6,9 +6,11 @@ to compile Ruby MRI 1.8.7 for use in a browser. The main difference is the
conversion from C to C++ and the switch from setjmp/longjmp (which can't be
implemented in JavaScript) to C++ exceptions.
-The project is in its infancy. Right now it suffers from a crash due to an
-LLVM's miscompilation of the Ruby garbage collector, and have numerous
-deficiencies, especially in handling Bignums.
+The project is fairly young. Right now it suffers from a memory leak due to a
+bug in the emscripting of the Ruby garbage collector. The performance is also
+a problem, as so far we've enabled runtime checking of all signing and overflow
+issues. Switching to just the needed sign/overflow corrections should boost
+performance significantly.
The build script is licensed under the [MIT license](
The modifications follow Ruby's GNU GPL2 license.
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