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Pulling from here:

~/your-org.github.io$ git pull https://github.com/repo-utils/badgeboard.git
~/your-org.github.io$ make ; make db
~/your-org.github.io$ git commit index.html src/db.json -m 'rebuild'
~/your-org.github.io$ git push

You'll probably need to resolve merge conflicts after you do git pull.

Creating new badgeboard:

1. clone this repo

~$ git clone https://github.com/repo-utils/badgeboard.git your-org.github.io

2. change config.yaml

3. change .gitignore, unignore autogenerated files, see comments there. Specifically, you want to uncomment index.html from the .gitignore.

4. make it:

~/your-org.github.io$ make

5. test it:

~/your-org.github.io$ firefox index.html

6. add autogenerated files so they will appear on github pages:

~/your-org.github.io$ git add src/db.json index.html
~/your-org.github.io$ git commit src/db.json index.html -m 'rebuild'

Deployment Methods

There are two ways to deploy the badge board. The first is to deploy it at https://<your-org>.github.io. To do so, simply push your badgeboard to https://github.com/<your-org>/<your-org>.github.io.

The second way is to deploy it to a URL like https://<your-org>.github.io/badgeboard. You may prefer this method if you are already have a page for your GitHub organization. To do so, push your badgeboard to https://github.com/<your-org>/badgeboard and change the default branch to gh-pages instead of master. Of course, you don't have to name the repository badgeboard - you can name it whatever you'd like.