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Document the repo create command

Signed-off-by: Randy Barlow <>
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# repoSpanner

repoSpanner is a distributed repository storage server, based around Git.

@@ -15,15 +14,13 @@ push failing due to an attempt to push to the failed node.
*Note*: As a consequence of this, it is strongly suggested to deploy
regions with odd numbers of nodes.

Build repoSpanner
## Build repoSpanner

Make sure you have a Go toolchain available, and run:

$ ./

## Deployment

A repoSpanner deployment is called a "cluster", which consists of one or
more "regions", which contain one or more "nodes". A cluster contains
@@ -90,11 +87,21 @@ And then run:

Or, again, start the `repospanner.service` unit file.

Repository access
## Repository access

After this, the service will be available on https://<node.fqdn>/

### Create

You can create repositories with ```repospanner admin repo create <name>```, for

$ repospanner admin repo create repospanner

### Clone

For git repo pull/push, add a /repo/<repo-name>.git.
Example clone command for default https port on tcp/443 and repo name being "test"

@@ -113,8 +120,7 @@ in /etc/repospanner.
This client will automatically revert to plain git if it determines the repo
that is being pushed to is not a repospanner repository.

## Development

For development, standard github pull requests are used.
Most changes do not require special tools other than the standard build
@@ -129,23 +135,20 @@ To run the full test suite, run from the main directory:

$ go test ./...

## Tests

The project comes with a decent functional test suite. Explore the
`repospanner/functional_tests` to see the variety of tests that you can

## Contributions

Contributions are most welcome.
Please make sure to add a `Signed-Off-By` line in your git commit to indicate
you agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) as quoted below.
To do this, simple add the "-s" flag to your git commit, like: `git commit -s`.

Developer Certificate of Origin
## Developer Certificate of Origin

Developer Certificate of Origin
Version 1.1

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